Genshin Impact leaks: Electro traveler abilities, animations, and more

Genshin Impact leaks show Electro Traveler's gameplay and combat animations (image via abc64)
Genshin Impact leaks show Electro Traveler's gameplay and combat animations (image via abc64)

Leaks within the Genshin Impact community have shed light on the upcoming Electro iteration of the game’s protagonist.

Based on the story thus far, it’s probable that the Traveler has seven forms by the end of their journey, one for each element. Each, naturally, should have its own unique gameplay. This article will cover the current expectations of Electro Traveler based on credible leaks.

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Leaks show Electro Traveler’s elemental abilities and combat animations in Genshin Impact

Electro Traveler render (image via Lumie)
Electro Traveler render (image via Lumie)

Genshin Impact’s main character, the Traveler, will soon have a new Electro combat style in Inazuma. Since Geo and Anemo Travelers have unique kits, players have long predicted a new moveset would appear alongside the new Electro region.

Disclaimer: Electro Traveler has technically not yet been confirmed for Genshin Impact. Any part of Electro Traveler's gameplay may change by the time of their release.

Electro Traveler’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact

Leaks indicate that Electro Traveler’s Elemental Skill, “Lightning Blade,” will trigger three Electro attacks. The second attack in the tweeted video below shows the alleged Elemental Skill animation.

Electro Traveler skill also leaves an “Abundance Amulet” when hitting an enemy. Characters can absorb the amulets for energy and higher Energy Recharge. Recasting this Elemental Skill will reset all prior amulets.

Leaks also hint that some areas of Electro Travelers kit are dedicated buffs to their Elemental Skill. The “Thunderflash” talent lowers Electro Traveler’s skill cooldown whenever another party member absorbs an Abundance Amulet. A second talent, “Resounding Roar,” adds 10% of the Travelers ER to the amulets’ existing Elemental Recharge buff.

Electro Traveler Elemental Skill attack (image via abc64)
Electro Traveler Elemental Skill attack (image via abc64)

The Traveler has been something of an underperformer, at least compared to other 5-star characters However, it’s possible that Electro Traveler may be a pretty handy teammate.

Recent leaks for Genshin Impact 2.0 suggest that parts of the Spiral Abyss will buff characters with maximum energy. If this is the case, Electro Traveler’s energy-boosting abilities may be a valuable asset in the Spiral Abyss floors.

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Electro Traveler’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact

Electro Traveler’s Elemental Burst, “Bellowing Thunder,” will likely knock back opponents and deal Electro damage.

Leaked footage shows the burst animation, where Electro Traveler creates a purple orb for a split-second, leaving purple fragments hovering around the Traveler. The first attack in the video below shows Electro Traveler's expected Burst animation.


Furthermore, during Electro Traveler's ultimate ability, they will likely deal additional Electro Damage when landing normal and charged attacks. These extra attacks should also regenerate some energy.

With Inazuma fast on the way, it's likely that the protagonist will master Electro soon enough. Though his kit seems interesting and great for support, players will have to wait and see how viable Electro Traveler really is.

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