Genshin Impact leaks: New mystic offering feature will allow players to exchange artifacts

Genshin Impact leaks hint at an artifact-exchange feature. (image via Genshin Impact)
Genshin Impact leaks hint at an artifact-exchange feature. (image via Genshin Impact)

The Genshin Impact community is familiar with leaks regarding upcoming content, and recent leaks detail a new way for players to get artifacts.

Genshin Impact has implemented a few ways that players can change or trade in their in-game items. Players have used Dust of Azoth to change ascension stones and Dream Solvent to change talent materials. Now, according to leaks, players will do something similar with artifacts, at least to a certain degree. By using “Mystic Offering,” players will exchange their rarest artifacts for others.

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Genshin Impact to introduce an artifact-exchange feature via Mystic Offering

Genshin Intel, a credible source for leaks in the Genshin Impact community, posted last month about the Mystic Offering system. In this likely upcoming feature, players will exchange their 5-star artifacts for different ones, supposedly with no Mora required.

Many Genshin Impact players have voiced their complaints about the current artifact system. Although artifact domains are the same every day, obtaining the perfect artifact is a very rare occasion. Players can easily spend a day’s worth of resin in artifact domains and leave with nothing that’s particularly useful.

The Mystic Offering might make it a little easier to get decent artifacts. However, according to leaks, the Mystic Offering has some drawbacks and limitations.

Players will have to give up any three 5-star artifacts in exchange for just one. Trading 30 for 10 at a time is also an option for players who want to save time.

The artifacts players receive will likely be random, with no guarantee whether it will be a flower artifact, a goblet, etc. The stats and substats will also be randomized.

Essentially, the Mystic Offering is a gamble. Most players will trade their defense-focused artifacts in hopes of receiving more offensive assets. Still, it’s possible that players won’t care for the new artifact they traded for. In this case, it may have been more useful to just use the three artifacts to level up other pieces.

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Genshin Impact artifact sets awarded through Mystic Offering

On the bright side, leaks suggest that players will be able to select the artifact set for their Mystic Offering item. The options are Wanderer’s Troupe, Gladiator’s Finale, Noblesse Oblige, and Bloodstained Chivalry.

It makes sense that the Wanderer’s and Gladiator’s sets are Mystic Offering options, since they are found primarily in boss battles. The Noblesse and Bloodstained sets, however, can be farmed in artifact domains.

Players can always spend some resin to get Noblesse and Bloodstained artifacts. Because of this, some are confused as to why Genshin Impact would involve these two sets with the Mystic Offering.

Genshin Impact could add more artifact set options to the Mystic Offering, or perhaps rotate the options every so often. However, this is just speculation for the time being.

Credible leaks consistently surface within the Genshin Impact community. Regardless, all information about Mystic Offering is unconfirmed, and it may function differently if and when it arrives in the game.

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