Genshin Impact leaks: Everything known about Gorou, Sara, and Kokomi so far

Leaks reveal details and visual renders of upcoming characters in Genshin Impact. (image via Lumie)
Leaks reveal details and visual renders of upcoming characters in Genshin Impact. (image via Lumie)

Many new Genshin Impact leaks have surfaced over the past week, revealing upcoming characters like Gorou, Sara, and Kokomi.

Recently, Genshin Impact tweeted some details and designs for rumored characters, essentially confirming the leaks. This was out of the ordinary for miHoYo, to say the least. Generally, they dislike leaks and only confirm new content a few weeks in advance. Coincidentally, in the very same week, new leaks surfaced to reveal even more upcoming characters.

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Details and renders of Gorou, Sara, and Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Gorou in Genshin Impact

Leaks hint at the idea that Genshin Impact will release a Geo bow user, Gorou, in version 2.0. Based on the current renders, players can expect Gorou to be a fox-human, with ears and tail.

Allegedly, Gorou sides with the resistance in Inazuma, meaning he likely opposes the Raiden Shogun. Currently, there are no hints as to why Gorou works with the resistance. His backstory is still fairly unknown, but it’s possible that Inazuma’s persecution of Vision-holders, like himself, explains his position.

In a leaked script, Kazuha remarks on his time spent with the resistance, claiming Gorou specifically left an impression. According to Kazuha, Gorou is a very straightforward and loyal character, speaking his mind and ready to fight for his friends.

Sara in Genshin Impact

Sara Kujyo, not to be confused with Sara from Good Hunter, is also rumored to be an upcoming playable character in Genshin Impact.

There are no concrete hints regarding Sara’s gameplay, aside from her being an Electro character, wielding a bow. Her rumored weapon choice, however, isn’t the most convincing idea to some players.

Sara appears in a cutscene narrated by Kazuha, seemingly a servant to the Electro Archon, Baal. In the video, however, Sara doesn’t wield a bow, but a sword instead.

Regardless of the cutscene, Sara is still likely to be a bow user when she becomes a playable character. MiHoYo doesn’t always match a character’s preferred weapon to the ones shown in cutscenes. Baal, for example, wields a Katana in this cutscene, but is expected to be a polearm-user.

Travelers are likely to get to know Sara pretty well in future versions of Genshin Impact. Having an Electro Vision provides high status in Inazuma, meaning Sara may be a rather important individual in the Electro nation.

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Kokomi in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact already has two Hydro catalyst users on their roster, and leaks indicate that Kokomi might be third.

Some players assume that Kokomi has replaced another rumored character, Mimi. Both characters have similar designs, at least according to leaked renders.

It’s certainly possible that Kokomi will be a playable character instead of Mimi. However, it’s also possible that these two are related, or perhaps just look eerily similar.

Genshin Impact players have learned a lot about upcoming characters during the month of June. Unfortunately, the rarity of these characters is still unknown, as well as their release dates. Although the characters could potentially be months away from making their debut, players are sure to keep them in mind as new leaks continue to surface.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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