Genshin Impact might introduce free Ningguang and Keqing skins in next 2 updates, as per leaks

Keqing and Ninguang may get new character outfits in Genshin Impact (Image via Bluemeat/YouTube)
Keqing and Ninguang may get new character outfits in Genshin Impact (Image via Bluemeat/YouTube)

Genshin Impact leakers recently suggested that character skins for Ninguang and Keqing will arrive in a later version update.

Currently, only two unique outfits have been implemented in Genshin Impact. Jean and Barbara’s summer clothes were added in version 1.6, and they will be the only ones available through version 2.2.

However, according to recent leaks, either version 2.3 or 2.4 will introduce new skins for some Liyue-native characters.

Genshin Impact leakers indicate new character skins after version 2.2 ends

There are also 2 skins in development, I don't believe they would release in 2.3 (it should be in 2.4 with lantern rite) but there's always the chance they're released "earlier".These 2 skins would be for Keqing and Ningguang.

A trusted leaker, UBatcha, recently suggested that Ninguang and Keqing will each get new outfits in Genshin Impact. They claim these skins are most likely to arrive in version 2.4, during the Lantern Rite Festival. However, it’s possible that they are released in version 2.3 instead.

Another famous leaker, Sukuna, posted about these skins before disabling their Twitter account. The leaker posted a list of reveals and explicitly said some of them were fake.

Consequently, players had to guess which were real and which weren’t. Now, with UBatcha’s recent posts, it seems Sukuna was serious about the upcoming cosmetics.

// leakssukuna confirmed that ningguang is going to have a skin !!!!!!!

UBatcha provided some additional details on the new character skins. Players will likely receive Ninguang’s outfit for free, while Keqing’s will be locked behind a paywall.

Current skins cost 1680 Genesis Crystals, and gamers can get 1980 crystals for a $29.99 purchase.

Jean’s skin was on sale for 1350 Genesis Crystals during version 1.6. It’s, therefore, possible that Keqing’s outfit gets a similar discount when Genshin Impact releases it.

Keqing skin should be paid whilst Ningguang's would be given for free.Just something to keep in mind if you're thinking about converting your Genesis Crystals anytime soon.

With the Lantern Rite Festival being a Liyue-based event, Ninguang and Keqing will likely get their new outfits during the festival. If the former’s outfit is free, like the leak suggests, the festival may provide users with the skin as an event reward.

now that i think about it, keqing and ningguang skins for lantern rite makes perfect sense since im guessing the event then will be focusing on how the qixing is governing liyue after the passing of rex lapis

After the upcoming update, version 2.3 of Genshin Impact should launch in late November. Version 2.4, expected to have the Lantern Rite Festival, should arrive in early 2022. Therefore, players may have to stick with Keqing and Ninguang’s base outfits for a few more months.

At the time of this leak, it’s believed that Genshin Impact is still working to develop the new Ninguang and Keqing skins. Therefore, leakers are yet to provide renders of these outfits.

Hopefully, Genshin Impact will impress Keqing and Ninguang fans with the new wardrobe additions.

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