Genshin Impact player breaks Xiao with a glitch, and the internet is loving it

Unlimited dash for Xiao is real! Image via Weeblicious, YouTube
Unlimited dash for Xiao is real! Image via Weeblicious, YouTube
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Genshin Impact 1.3 introduced the 5-star Anemo-type banner character Xiao, but players have already grasped his potential to become a top-tier character in the game.

But some may have experienced the character pushing its potential. Xiao is already strong, but a Genshin Impact player revealed that the Anemo character could also be considered broken due to a game glitch.

Genshin Impact 'broken' Xiao post on Reddit

Reddit user, Mr_Turulu250 posted a video of Xiao on the official sub-Reddit for Genshin Impact. It depicts a broken and overpowered version of the Anemo-type character.

Image via Weeblicious, YouTube
Image via Weeblicious, YouTube

This post has drawn curiosity from other Genshin Impact players on Reddit users, with most commenting on Xiao's uniqueness. User zhula111, who had the most comment points, asked if it was the C1000 (Constellation level 1000), Xiao.

Others joked about his barrage of dashes. User Liel-this-is-me quipped that Xiao was "bored of this useless world he wants to go to the sunset."

Glitching on Genshin Impact

The original poster's Xiao might have adapted some glitch, which resulted in the character's broken and overpowered dahses. They were nearly unlimited and could be spammed against enemies.

Some users suggested that it could be a bug. The original poster claimed that they logged in to the game and eventually figured out that Xiao could do this.

Genshin Impact has been patching the game and removing bugs since its release in September 2020. It is expected that developers will address this issue soon.

Genshin Impact's glitches from the past

Last October, a glitch was discovered which let players access a secret island located on the Stormbearer Point side. It opened up the possibility of everyone walking on the seafloor. Some Cryo-type characters like the 4-star Kaeya can walk on water using their skills.

Image via Ruirensu, Reddit
Image via Ruirensu, Reddit

Another bug was discovered in January this year. A user named taka gg uploaded a YouTube video showing how players could collect meat faster. The trick allowed players to collect as much as 4000 Raw Meat in an hour or less.


But fans expect that developers are going to keep removing these glitches as they show up. Bug fixes are routine for most games. It shouldn't be any different for this title. Users can enjoy the glitch while it lasts.

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