Genshin Impact 1.4 leaks round-up: 5 leaks that may just become a reality in the next update

 Image via Betonamu, Pixiv
Image via Betonamu, Pixiv
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Genshin Impact 1.4 leaks are all over the internet today. Fans are excitedly tuning in for updates and news with its expected release next month.

There are a lot of rumors that may become a reality soon with new and returning characters taking up most of the spotlight for Genshin Impact 1.4.

Another major focus is the release of playable characters who have been NPCs so far. A new region and game area is also speculated to arrive in Genshin Impact.

5 Genshin Impact 1.4 leaks that may just become a reality in the next update

#1 - Hu Tao 1.4 leaks

The Pyro-character Hu Tao has been on top of the Genshin Impact rumor mill since 1.2. She was speculated to debut as a banner character, but with update 1.2 and 1.3 having already passed, she is yet to arrive on the playable roster in Genshin Impact.


One leaked video of Hu Tao performing attacks and showing her skills had surfaced on the internet. It was posted by popular Genshin Impact leaker Lumie on Twitter. There was also a video posted on YouTube by VECSO GT. These videos imply that Hu Tao might be coming to Genshin Impact in the 1.4 update.

#2 - The Return of Venti and debut of Rosaria in Genshin Impact

The 5-star Anemo archer Venti from v1 is rumored to make a comeback in Genshin Impact as a banner character for 1.4. The second banner headliner for the 1.4 might be the playable debut of known NPC, Rosaria.

User Genshin Leaks on Twitter hinted towards this being a reality for Genshin Impact 1.4. Both characters have already been released in past Genshin Impact updates.

#3 - Datamined Genshin Impact character models

Genshin Leaks has also created buzz about other Genshin Impact 1.4 characters. A datamined photo shows a greater variety of characters that could possibly arrive in Genshin Impact through the next game udpates.

The characters present in these leaks are Tohama, a Pyro-type; Kazuha, an Anemo-type; Mimi, a Hydro user; and Sayu, an Anemo-type character.

#4 - Ayaka 1.4 leaks

Ayaka has been part of the rumor mill since Genshin Impact 1.2, same as Hu Tao. What makes her, so highly-anticipated is that she was part of the game's beta testing in September 2020.


Her gameplay footage was posted over a year ago by a user named Len Vega on YouTube. She was seen executing her skills and attacks. She is projected to be a 5-star banner character. Genshin Impact 1.4 might lead to her playable character debut.

#5 - Inazuma region's introduction

It's not just about the characters for Genshin Impact 1.4, but also the in-game areas, primarily the Inazuma region.

One major characteristics of Inazuma is its traditional Japanese setting. This could be a major factor in the upcoming characters' storylines.

Image via thankyoo, YouTube
Image via thankyoo, YouTube

Most of the rumored playable characters are seen wearing traditional Japanese outfits, which hints towards the Inazuma style.

Genshin Impact 1.4 might be one of the biggest game updates yet.

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