Genshin Impact player creates an ultra-realistic Zhongli Burst animation

A realistic depiction of an iconic move in the game (Image via miHoYo/Polimorph)
A realistic depiction of an iconic move in the game (Image via miHoYo/Polimorph)
Alan Sahbegovic

A creative Genshin Impact player recently posted an interesting animation of Zhongli's Elemental Burst. The player goes by u/justinkp3 on Reddit and Polimorph on YouTube.

Their animation shows the meteor from Zhongli's Elemental Burst slowly crashing down before seemingly creating a gigantic explosion seen from a distance.

The Genshin Impact community is often lauded for their creativity, so one has to give them credit when it's earned.

Zhongli is known for his immense power (by Genshin Impact standards) in the lore, so it would be believable to see him do something like this.

How the Genshin Impact player created the realistic Zhongli Burst animation

The above Reddit post showcases the entire animation (with the user's watermark as well). The first few seconds seem normal until one notices Zhongli's iconic meteor slowly falling down. It's noticeably slower than how it is in Genshin Impact, but the sheer quality of the animation is simply stunning.

Travelers should notice that the meteor looks like the in-game version, and the smoke particle effects add a touch of realism lacking in the game. The music is fitting for the situation, with the whole animation being well done.

Unsurprisingly, the Reddit post garnered over 3.4K upvotes, making it one of the top posts of the day. The only common complaint other users had with it was the meteor's speed, but it was otherwise well-received.


Of course, the same Redditor also made a YouTube channel and posted the video there. Fans of this content should consider giving the video a like to show appreciation, although the Redditor appears to have recently made the channel.

What they're going to do with it afterward is unknown, but the user clearly has potential when it comes to creativity.

How Zhongli's Elemental Burst normally looks like


Just for comparison's sake, the above video showcases what Zhongli's Elemental Burst would typically look like in Genshin Impact. The meteor here is a lot smaller, but it is faster than the one shown in the animation. Given how popular he is as a character in the game, it's an Elemental Burst that players will see often.

Zhongli's Elemental Burst deals between 401% to 1,192% Skill DMG and can petrify enemies for between 3.1 to 4 seconds. It also has a CD of 12 seconds and an Energy Cost of 40. However, one would have to wonder how much energy the realistic one took to make.

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