Genshin Impact fan uses mathematical equations to draw Venti, shows the innovative side of the community

The Venti drawing that this article will focus on (Image via SnooMachines9813)
The Venti drawing that this article will focus on (Image via SnooMachines9813)

Fanart of Genshin Impact characters is nothing new, but what about using mathematical equations to draw Venti on a graph?

Never underestimate a Genshin Impact fan's creativity. Most gamers already know that Genshin Impact is one of the most popular video games in the world. That popularity translates to its massive community inspiring thousands of brilliant artworks.

The one that this article will focus on is created by a Reddit user known as SnooMachines9813. They charted a graph using several different mathematical equations to resemble Venti from Genshin Impact on Desmos.

One Genshin Impact fan's impressive Venti drawing on Desmos

The above Reddit post contains SnooMachines9813's Desmos art of Venti. It gained a fair amount of traction in the Genshin Impact subreddit, although it's worth noting some of the intricacies of this work.

Gamers unfamiliar with Desmos should know that it's a website that features a graphing calculator. It's simple to use once players get the hang of it, but the important thing to note is that Desmos art exists as another way to express one's creativity.

What a blank slate looks like on Desmos (Image via Desmos)
What a blank slate looks like on Desmos (Image via Desmos)

Desmos art doesn't involve a pencil or other artistic tool; instead, it utilizes equations to form a picture on a graph. Artists have to be creative and understand which formulas will give them the image they want.

Naturally, one has to have a good understanding of mathematics to make something look good here. It's not a single formula that will make something look like Venti, either. According to the artist (SnooMachines9813), it took nearly 180 equations to create something resembling Venti.

YouTube video of this user's brilliant Venti drawing


Readers who are curious to see how SnooMachines9813 made this Venti drawing should be delighted to know that they posted a YouTube video on it. It's 22 minutes and 26 seconds long, showing all of the details necessary to create the Desmos art of Venti.

The artist uses a Venti screenshot as a reference while also demonstrating their knowledge of mathematics. It's done in real time, further showcasing their intelligence in creating it. The video does mention some breaks between inputting the equations and the final product when necessary.


There aren't many Desmos YouTube videos for Genshin Impact characters, but it's worth noting that the one who drew Venti also did another video. In this case, it's about a Gen 4 Pokemon known as Leafeon.

It follows a similar format to the Venti video, so one can check it out if they like Pokemon.

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