Genshin Impact: Will Yunjin be a playable character?

A possible upcoming character in Genshin Impact: Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)
A possible upcoming character in Genshin Impact: Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)

Genshin Impact is expected to release Yunjin as a playable character in the upcoming updates.

Though Travelers are yet to meet Yunjin, several characters have mentioned her in their unlockable voicelines. She was also seen in the original beta of Genshin Impact, making her debut as a playable character all the more likely.

For now, however, this is uncertain. Although some leaks have surfaced about Yunjin, there’s no official word about her future in Genshin Impact.

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Yunjin’s character details in Genshin Impact

Yunjin is an opera singer from Liyue, leading the Heyu Tea House's Troupe. Though her approach to music is considered more traditional, Xinyan has revealed that she also appreciates rock music with her frequently watching Xinyan's concerts.

Apart from singing, Yunjin also works as a dancer and brewer at the tea house. More importantly, however, she is a star in Liyue, much like how Barbara holds high status as Mondstadt’s idol.

Fan Er'ye's mention of Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)
Fan Er'ye's mention of Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)
Qiu'ge's mention of Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)
Qiu'ge's mention of Yunjin (image via kanayoiski Twitter)

Unfortunately for Yunjin fans, there hasn’t been much news on the singer in recent times compared to other rumored characters. This doesn’t imply that MiHoYo scrapped Yunjin, but Genshin Impact has announced and hinted at several other characters who will likely be released.

Therefore, it’s likely that the players are several versions away from her potential release date.

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Leaked renders of Yunjin from Genshin Impact

Lumie, a renowned Genshin Impact leaker, posted a new headshot-style render of Yunjin in late June.

Renders of Yunjin stem from the original closed beta of Genshin Impact. If Yunjin is added to the beta version, leaks may reveal some changes to her design. For now, however, this newest render matches the opera singer's previous ones.

Yunjin render (image via Lumie)
Yunjin render (image via Lumie)

Rumors about Yunjin in Genshin Impact

Some rumors are circulating about Yunjin as a playable character and many claim she will be a Geo-polearm character. Previously, it was reckoned by most that she would be a bow-user instead.

However, due to lack of any insight from credible leakers, Yunjin’s Vision and choice of weapon can only be speculated upon.

Of course, there’s already a pretty prominent character from Liyue in the form of Zhongli with both a Geo Vision and polearm. She is in the archives as a 5-star character, so it would be more likely that Yunjin is a 4-star one if the latter possesses the same Vision and weapon.

Disclaimer: Leaks and rumors regarding Yunjin's features as a playable character should be taken with skepticism until they are confirmed.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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