Genshin Impact Yaoyao: Leaked renders, rumors, and everything known so far

Leaked render of the Genshin Impact character, Yaoyao (image via Lumie)
Leaked render of the Genshin Impact character, Yaoyao (image via Lumie)

A character named Yaoyao has been rumored in Genshin Impact for months now. As of now, miHoYo hasn't confirmed if Yaoyao will join the game as a playable character. The first beta of Genshin Impact featured Yaoyao, and other characters have unlockable voicelines about her. Since she was first rumored, players have leaked renders of the character's design while speculating more and more about her story and gameplay.

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Genshin Impact leaks reveal possible Yaoyao character design

A Genshin Impact leaker and fan artist, Lumie, has posted a short video of Yaoyao from the original beta and a still render as well.

As Lumie mentions, the design in this footage may differ from Yaoyao’s real design in Genshin Impact. For the time being, however, these original beta leaks are still the latest source for credible Yaoyao footage. This may change if leaks ever report on Yaoyao appearing in a future beta.

Some other renders of Yaoyao have also surfaced since she was originally rumored. These renders are similar to the design shown in Lumie’s tweets.

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Known information about Yaoyao in Genshin Impact

For the moment, the Genshin Impact community knows only a little about Yaoyao. Most notably, it's known that she worked under the same master chef as Xiangling, but now assists Ganyu.

Though the game hasn’t revealed much of her story, several characters have voicelines where they speak about her. Qiqi, for one, provides a short description of Yaoyao’s appearance.

Qiqi’s description about Yaoyao is brief and slightly vague, which is very on-brand for the zombified child. However, other mentions of Yaoyao are a bit more revealing.

Based on what Ganyu and Ninguang say, players can infer a bit about Yaoyao’s role in Liyue. It seems that Ganyu looks after Yaoyao, almost babysitting her. For some reason, Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs asked Ganyu to keep Yaoyao from sneaking onto Beidou’s ship.

Ninguang, meanwhile, seems like she wouldn’t normally be happy about Ganyu looking after a child. However, for some reason involving Beidou, Ninguang seems to make an exception for Yaoyao.

Rumors about Yaoyao in Genshin Impact

Many players speculate that Yaoyao will be the first Dendro character in Genshin Impact. If players ever get to see a Dendro Vision on her outfit, like with Baizhu, this rumor will become much more credible.

Dendro is currently a mysterious element in Genshin Impact, rumored to debut alongside the Chasm. Players can only speculate on how characters like Yaoyao will use the element, and how Dendro will contribute to the game’s meta.

Players also believe Yaoyao can be obtained for free at some point in Genshin Impact's future. Though this rumor isn’t very specific, a “free” character likely means players will simply have to play through a quest or event to obtain them. If Yaoyao is in fact a free character, she will almost certainly have a 4-star rarity.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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