God of War PC is now accessible for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, thanks to a recent mod

A new PC mod allows Santa Monica's masterpiece to be run on older Windows versions (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
A new PC mod allows Santa Monica's masterpiece to be run on older Windows versions (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

God of War’s PC port has been incredibly successful, and the title has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the player base.

However, like most modern PC releases, the action-adventure is limited to Windows 11, and 10. The base game does not allow users to experience the title on older Windows versions, disappointing many God of War enthusiasts who are still using these legacy operating systems.

We want send a huge congratulations and thank you to Jetpack Interactive for their incredible work on the #GodofWarPC port! This version of the game would not be possible without their amazing team ❤

Fortunately, the PC modding community has come up with a patch that will allow these users to run the title on Windows 7, 8, as well as Windows 8.1.

A new God of War PC mod allows it to run on older Windows versions

This unofficial patch can be downloaded from Nexusmods, and by following a few simple steps described on the website, players will be able to boot up the game on the previous windows versions. The mod was made by a community member who goes by the handle of OKTO4175.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that once patched, the title will only work on Windows, 7,8, and 8.1 versions. If users are upgrading their operating system to the latest version, they will need to re-install the game once again.

Image via OKTO4175
Image via OKTO4175

God of War PC had an incredible launch day, and Steam saw a concurrent player count that peaked at somewhere close to 50,000 users on the platform.

Jetpack Interactive has done an amazing job in bringing the PlayStation exclusive to PC, and players have left an overwhelming number of positive reviews for the game on both Steam and the Epic Games library.

Despite being legacy OS's, many people still rely on older Windows models as versions like the 7 and 8 that are not as resource-intensive as Windows 10 or 11.

Image via OKTO4175.
Image via OKTO4175.

This boosts gameplay and performance for a lot of older set-ups, which many people rely on older OS versions for.

With this God of War mod, players on the previous versions will be able to play the narrative journey, which according to many, is nothing less than cinematic brilliance.

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