Golden Mirado in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know

  • The Golden Mirado is one of the standout features of Mad Miramar and has been a hit among PUBG Mobile players.
  • The Golden Mirado can be found in a specific location in Miramar 2.0 and gives players an extremely stylish look while driving the sedan.
Modified 16 May 2020, 13:54 IST

Golden Mirado: The Shiny Sedan of the hour!
Golden Mirado: The Shiny Sedan of the hour!

Every new PUBG Mobile update brings quite a few aspects, which immediately garner the attention of the gamers. This time, that spotlight is being hogged by Mad Miramar, which is also known as Miramar 2.0. And, the brand new Golden Mirado, which is present on the map, is one of the primary reasons for the excitement among players.

Where to find the Golden Mirado in Miramar?

The Golden Mirado can be found in Hacienda del Patron, near San Martin in the updated Miramar map. All you have to do is land on that spot as quickly as possible to get your hands on the stunning golden vehicle.

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Mad Miramar. Picture Credit:
Mad Miramar. Picture Credit:

The Loot

Even though Golden Mirado is the star attraction, you can't deny that your main target while playing Miramar Map is the loot. You can satisfy your cravings by getting a gun of your choice, quite a few energy drinks and painkillers, health kits and scopes. If you are lucky, you might even get an adrenaline syringe and a med kit. 


If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you can choose to stay in Hacienda del Patron or you can take the car for a spin and loot nearby places like Junkyard. Graveyard, or La Bendita. In this way, you can play the game without worrying about a pro player trying to kill you.

The Guns

If you decide to loot the big houses in Hacienda del Patron, you can pick up sub machine guns and assault rifles like M416, M762, UMP45, M16A4 and Vector. If your love for sniping is more, then you can choose one of the sniper rifles like Mini 14, Kar98K, Win94 and even M24.


If you want to use a sniper rifle in a vast map like Miramar 2.0, make sure that you have a good scope (preferably a 6x or an 8x).

The Guns. Picture Credit:
The Guns. Picture Credit:

How to download Mad Miramar in PUBG Mobile?

Follow the following steps to download Mad Miramar.

1.   Open PUBG Mobile.

2.   Go to the top left hand corner. Below the 'Start' option, you’ll see a rectangular box. Click on it.

3.   Under the 'Classic' heading, you’ll see Miramar, right below Erangel. Click on it and the map will start downloading.


After you have downloaded the map, you can de-select Erangel by clicking the map and you can make Miramar 2.0 your default map in PUBG Mobile.


Remember, since Golden Mirado is a fully convertible sedan, the chances of you getting hit by a bullet is much more. Having said that though, if you want to look stylish, you can show up to the different locations in your shiny sedan and kill people with panache.

Published 16 May 2020, 13:54 IST
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