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Grand Theft Auto online servers currently limited [Updated]

Grand Theft Auto online servers currently limited [Updated]

News 13 Mar 2015, 19:21 IST
Grand Theft Auto Online

It has been over twenty four hours since GTA Online Heists went live on consoles. Although the servers have been stabilizing since yesterday, users are still having issues connecting to the servers and are having trouble saving their progress due to Rockstar servers being unavailable.

The official Rockstar Support server site reports that servers are now ‘limited’ across all platforms. Rockstar Social Club is the only division that is in full running condition. Users on the GTA Online Reddit are reporting that they are unable to save games due to the servers being ‘limited’.

The excess traffic makes sense given that school is letting out on the east coast and people are coming home from work. Hopefully Rockstar will find a solution to this soon or they might have to face a lot of angry gamers.

Grand Theft Auto Online Servers status can be checked out here.

UPDATE 3/12 @ 12:30am PST

Rockstar has updated the server support page stating the following:

“GTA Online, Social Club, and Rockstar Cloud Services are currently down for maintenance, and are expected to return in about 3 hours. Please stay tuned for updates.”

UPDATE 3/12 @ 8:30am PST

GTA Online seems to be back online and functioning normally. The server support page lists all platforms as ‘UP’ and reads the following:

“Today’s maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.”

UPDATE 3/12 @ 1:50pm PST

It seems that the GTA Online servers are back at ‘limited’ stat us again. This implies that players will be facing issues again while playing.

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