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GTA 6: 5 ways Rockstar can win back disgruntled fans

Image credits: pinterest
Image credits: pinterest
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 12:25 IST

Rockstar Games is currently in a position with its fanbase that it has never been in before. The GTA franchise has always courted controversy, and some would say that the point of this series is to stimulate discussion and invite controversy.

Rockstar has rarely ever had to face backlash from its fan base, but it seems that in 2020, that is precisely the position the company finds itself in.

The publisher's silence regarding the next Grand Theft Auto game, and the announcement of GTA 5 on the PS5 in an Expanded and Enhanced Edition, can be traced back as the origin of the growing dissatisfaction amongst the fan base.

Rockstar does not find itself in the position of power that it usually does, with the anticipation around GTA 6 building by the day. Here, we take a look at a few ways in which the organization can potentially win back some fans.

Five decisions to help Rockstar win back disgruntled GTA fans

1) Story Mode expansion on the PS5

Image credits: gtabase
Image credits: gtabase

"Expanded and Enhanced" possibly refers more to GTA Online and some texture improvements for Story Mode, but nothing significant. However, Rockstar can swerve the entire fan base and deliver the story expansion that players have been demanding for years.

While all plans are set in stone regarding the re-release of GTA 5, Rockstar will win over fans in a big way with a Story Mode expansion. However, given the history of "Enhanced" versions of titles, it doesn't seem likely that the changes will be too substantial.


Perhaps Rockstar will look to buck this trend and deliver a quality expansion to one of its seminal titles.

2) Announce something regarding the next GTA

Image credits: gamelife
Image credits: gamelife

The next GTA game is reportedly under development and is in its early stages, but fans feel that they have been kept in the dark for too long. However, given the amount of trouble faced regarding an extremely taxing crunch period, Rockstar is likely to be moving at a slower pace regarding its releases.

With that in mind, fans cannot expect Rockstar to be dropping a trailer for GTA 6 anytime soon. Perhaps, merely an announcement or even a logo for the next title should satisfy the fan base to no end.

Game development is truly a gargantuan task, and the GTA franchise is that much more taxing. But a little gesture of support to the fans goes a long way in accumulating goodwill and potentially winning back some fans.


3) Hints to the next game in GTA Online's major update

Rockstar announced its plans for 2020 with two significant updates planned for GTA Online through the year. One was scheduled for the summer, with the other slated for later in the year.

Los Santos Summer Special was a decent enough update, and fans are looking forward to the next one. It is being marketed as the "biggest update to Heists" in GTA Online, and might shake things up considerably.

Perhaps a little hint as to what the next GTA game is could potentially be the sort of news fans have been hoping for. Potentially revealing the game during gameplay has always been a great move and could be Rockstar's most genius move yet.

4) Have the next game set in Vice City


For years, nearly two decades at this point, fans have been demanding a return to Vice City in the GTA franchise. So much so that they have taken it upon themselves to create mods to experience Vice City in newer titles.

Announcing at long last that the next game's setting would be Vice City should win over fans massively and potentially bring new fans to the fold. The next GTA game is still a way off, but even crumbs related to the title seem like a lot for the fan base.

Vice City presents some creative choices that Rockstar can look to explore, and though it might be a little too safe for its liking, this seems like the right move at this point.

5) Bring back familiar faces to GTA Online

GTA Online is no stranger to a grand return by familiar faces from the franchise's past. Character such as Tony Prince has made a comeback, and potentially more could be on the way.

Perhaps bringing back an older version of Tommy Vercetti to play an adversary to the GTA Online protagonist could be a fun little idea. The series has one too many iconic characters that are ripe for a comeback.

The original actors need to reprise their roles if characters like Tommy and Officer Tenpenny are to make an appearance, however.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 12:25 IST
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