GTA 6: Rockstar renews domain names for GTA VI and Vice City Online

(image credits: finance rewind)
(image credits: finance rewind)
Rahul Bhushan

As has been the case with each release from Rockstar, message boards and subreddits all across the internet are full of speculations. Rockstar's next project, GTA VI, as it is rumoured to be, has been the subject of many Reddit discussions.

Only a few game franchises have seen the kind of success as GTA. The games are nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, with each release breaking sales records.

About a couple of weeks ago, eagle-eyed Redditors who are always on the prowl for any information related to GTA VI, discovered that Rockstar had renewed certain domain names.

The domain names in conversation are '', as well as ''. This further fanned the speculation that Vice City has a lot to do with the next game in the franchise.

Rockstar renews domain names: What does it mean for GTA VI?

Original Reddit comment by u/cmputerguy on r/gtaonline
Original Reddit comment by u/cmputerguy on r/gtaonline

While Rockstar renewing the domain name "" makes complete sense, with a numbered release being on the cards for next year most likely; it is the other domain name that has furthered powered the rumour mill.

GTA Online is Rockstar's biggest moneymaker, and the next title in the series will see its own iteration of the online component. 'gtavicecityonline' could mean one of two things, or maybe both:

1) Rockstar are planning to bring Vice City to GTA Online

(image credits: finance rewind)
(image credits: finance rewind)

This is one that the fanbase isn't too particularly excited about, as it is the Story Mode that the fanbase wants Vice City to be featured in. Rockstar has planned a massive update for GTA Online later this year, and while an update as huge as this isn't likely to materialize so soon, the next-gen release might be a possibility.

With GTA Online set to be released as a standalone title for the PS5, Rockstar will be looking to provide players with an incentive to purchase the game. Adding Vice City to the game might do the trick.

2) GTA VI being set in Vice City

(image credits: playstationuniverse)
(image credits: playstationuniverse)

This is one that fans can truly get behind, as the game and its online component will then feature the Miami-inspired city as the central location. Fans have been clamouring for a return to Vice City ever since the first game's release back in 2002.

It only makes sense for Rockstar to return to the well, as they have done several times over in the past.

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