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Guided Missile could make a return to Fortnite

Modified 26 Feb 2020, 17:22 IST

Season 2, Chapter 2 is set to bring about a ton of changes to Fortnite and have players hooked onto the game wondering what the next big thing might be.

There was news recently about three brand new items that are set to make their way into the game very soon. However, it has not been confirmed when they might be in.

Dataminers have recently discovered another weapon that might soon make its way into the Battle Royale game mode. The Guided Missile may be coming into the game sooner than we expect. The weapon was removed from Fortnite in all modes including creative when it was vaulted. This addition might add more spice to the game, which could make way for some great clips and 200 IQ plays like these.  

However, it is unclear as to why the weapon was added back into the game file. This does not confirm the weapon will ever see the face of pub games again, However, there is a possibility that this could mean that we might soon get to see "high explosives" in the game mode playlist again or even be a simple addition for the creative game mode.

This season has seen many explosive items return into the game, from C4 to grenades, the explosive madness seems to be making its way back in.

This sudden increase in explosives present within the game is something that has not been received well within the Fortnite competitive community. Most players constantly complain of "explosive" spam and players bombarding them with C4, Grenades, and rockets.

This might be slightly problematic since there is no easy counter to these weapons due to their extremely powerful nature and the ability to melt through builds damaging the opponents on the other side.

The guided missile addition has not been confirmed officially yet but is certainly expected to make its way into the game judging by its presence within the game files. How Epic balances the explosives to create an even playing field for everyone will be interesting to see once it makes its way into the game.

Published 26 Feb 2020, 17:22 IST
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