A guide to using Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive: A guide to using Millia Rage (Image via Arc System Works)
Guilty Gear Strive: A guide to using Millia Rage (Image via Arc System Works)

One of the bigger changes in Guilty Gear Strive is the drastically reduced air-game, making it the most grounded in the series. There are still characters like I-No however, that depend on a complex air-game to get damage in.

The character that comes second to I-No in this regard would be Millia Rage. Millia is a faster and more offensive character in Guilty Gear Strive and possesses specials that offer great mobility and setup potential.

This guide will explain how to use Millia Rage in Guilty Gear Strive, her unique movement options, kit and game plan. It will not go into the fundamentals of the game or combo routes, so make sure to check out other guides as well.

Guilty Gear Strive: A guide to using Millia Rage

Millia’s unique air dashes & cross up options

Millia is the only character in Guilty Gear Strive that is capable of performing two air dashes. What this means is that Millia can shift back and forth on the screen and perform an overhead from either side of the opponent in the same jump, or she can string longer air combos.

Air dashes have much more of a surprise factor to them than just a regular jump, so even though a character like Chipp can jump thrice, it is much more feasible to perform cross ups and surprise jump-ins with Millia.

Directly complementing this air movement are three specials that can only be used in the air and add another layer to her movement capabilities.

  • Kapel [236H]
  • Turbo Fall [236K]
  • Bad Moon [236P]

Bad Moon is a multi-hitting overhead attack that sees Millia rapidly slap the opponent with her hair while descending downwards. It’s not safe to poke with but works as her primary combo tool.

Turbo Fall is a non-damaging special that basically cancels out the rest of Millia’s jump and puts her on the ground immediately. This can be used to surprise opponents using anti-airs on her and crossing them up quickly.

Kapel has Millia summon a stationary projectile directly below her while she also jumps forward. It’s a different way of jumping and can be used to punish opponents who are fond of running in while she jumps.


Millia’s only ground based movement option in Guilty Gear Strive sort of works like a dash-in capable of bypassing the opponent and attacking directly behind them. This special is called Mirazh and can be used by pressing 214K.

Mirazh can be used to punish opponents who are overly cautious of Millia’s presence in the air by surprising them on land instead.

Millia’s kit & controlling okizeme

The rest of Millia’s specials in Guilty Gear Strive work either as combo tools or pokes. Iron Savior [214P] is a fast hitting low attack that has excellent range and is hard to punish. It can be used to pressure the opponent regardless and punish certain moves on reaction.

Lust Shaker [214S] is a multi-hitting special that is the main damage dealer on the ground. It sees Millia poke at the opponent repeatedly with her hair. Just like Bad Moon, it shouldn’t be used to poke at the opponent and should be used primarily as a combo finisher.

Tandem Top

Undoubtedly the most important tool in Millia’s arsenal in Guilty Gear Strive, it keeps the pressure on the opponent and allows scoring hard knockdowns, thus significantly reducing the opponent’s options.

Just like Kapel, Tandem Top [236H/S] is a stationary projectile (with a disc-like shape) but the major difference is that it stays on the screen for longer and is multi-hitting. For this reason, this move not only controls the screen in neutral, but will force an opponent to block on wake-up if used on knockdown.

Different variations of Tandem Top in Guilty Gear Strive control how long the projectile stays on the screen and how much time Millia takes to recover. But what makes them even more special is that both variations launch the opponent into the air and let Millia score a full combo if they successfully hit.

Millia’s game plan and supers

Millia players in Guilty Gear Strive should focus on opening up their opponents with unique cross-up options and air movement and should not be afraid of playing more offensively throughout the match. On knock-down, players should keep the pressure on using Tandem Top.

Mastering her air dashes and general air movement is imperative to survival. Millia has two supers:

  • Septem Voices [236236S]
  • Winger [632146H]

Septem Voices is a fast moving, moving variation of Tandem Top that can be used to initiate the offense or combo-ed into.

Winger, on the other hand, works like a reversal in Guilty Gear Strive due to slow start-up and invincibility, but definitely is harder to score and more damaging.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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