“It’s over”: HasanAbi receives copyright takedown from Twitch, claims 'MasterChef' meta is over

Streamer HasanAbi receives copyright takedown live on stream, announces "MasterChef meta is over." (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamer HasanAbi receives copyright takedown live on stream, announces "MasterChef meta is over." (Image via Sportskeeda)

Variety streamer HasanAbi received a copyright takedown live on stream. He immediately claimed that the new trend of reacting to TV shows and movies on Twitch is doomed.

The 'MasterChef' meta comes to an end for HasanAbi and others

Turkish-born Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker received a copyright takedown from Fox Network, the media organization that owns MasterChef US. The claim was made against HasanAbi for streaming the show on multiple livestreams with his chat, where he would watch the show in its entirety for hours.

His reaction was quick and his solution simple - stop watching MasterChef on stream.

"Ok, it's over. MasterChef is over. Masterchef as a meta is completely over."

HasanAbi's calm, collected attitude towards the takedown made it seem as if he was ready for this to happen and had already made peace with it. This could be due to Pokimane being temporarily banned for streaming the popular animated kids show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The ban could have been what gave him a heads up on his inevitable takedown. However, for now, it seems like he won't be banned again.

Mizkif reacts to HasanAbi's ban

The DMCA takedown on HasanAbi was big news. It eventually made its way to variety streamer Mizkif, who has also been watching shows like MasterChef on stream. Mizkif's initial reaction was shock.

"What?! OK, thats fine."

Mizkif accepted that the MasterChef content he had been streaming would no longer be viable and immediately switched to another TV show. It seems that his tactic is to run with the reaction content as long as he can, until he's banned or receives a DMCA takedown.

YouTube streamer Ludwig took to Twitter to poke fun at HasanAbi, calling back to Ludwig's announcement for leaving Twitch.

Fans also shared their reactions to the takedowns. They were sad that they won't be able to watch Gordon Ramsey yell and swear on stream with Hasan anymore and nervous that he's next to be banned.

Given the swift action taken against streamers, it would be interesting to see who continues watching popular TV shows on their stream. It is also possible that some might switch to lesser known shows to avoid a DMCA.

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