Hearthstone: The 8 Best Legendaries to craft from Saviors of Uldum

Hearthstone's second expansion of 2019 has been out for a week now
Gautam Nath
Modified 12 Aug 2019

Hearthstone's second expansion of 2019 has been out for a week now. It usually takes time for the meta to settle to sort out which of the decks are usually the best. There was also a live stream among many streamers much before the expansion released, so we got an idea of what kind of decks are playable and which ones are not before the release.

The expansion reintroduced the Quest mechanic and there are some pretty good decks you can make with the Quest card if you opened any. If you're still confused about what to craft, here is a list of 8 Legendaries from Saviors of Uldum that are worth crafting.

#8 Making Mummies

Making Mummies is the Paladin Quest card which was quite underrated by most streamers. Reborn minions are very sticky on the board and if you summon a 2/2 copy of it, it's even harder to remove. This deck works really well with Paladin Mechs, where you can summon multiple Mechan-o-Eggs or Mechanical Whelps to gain a huge board.

You can also sticky your Mechs with Annoy-o-Module and then summon a copy of it. See how difficult it becomes for your opponent to remove such a board!

#7 High Priest Amet


High Priest Amet is a card you can OTK with charge minions such as Stonetusk Boar. At 4 mana and 7 health, the health stats are very high on this minion and he is hard to remove. You can also combo him with Taunts and other big minions to make them even bigger.

You can pull off a lot of Divine Spirit + Inner Fire/Topsy Turvy shenanigans with this card, especially with those 1 mana boars. If you are short on dust and don't like playing OTK/Combo decks with Priest, you might be better off saving your dust for another Legendary.

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Published 12 Aug 2019, 22:36 IST
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