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Here's why Fortnite's popularity is picking up again

Fortnite is slowly gaining its popularity back
Fortnite is slowly gaining its popularity back
Modified 26 Feb 2020

Fortnite is back again with their latest Season 2, Chapter 2. While on the surface many may confuse this as yet another routine update that will come and go, the game has truly managed to pull itself out of a mutt and get back on its feet again. 

For most folks who enjoy a game of Fortnite, what they truly cherish about this Battle Royale is how it stands out compared to every other game in the genre and yet manages to astonish them every time. You can build, dress up as a banana in a tuxedo or a fish in an army cargo and go about exploring an island with 99 other players with the same objective as you i.e to nail that victory.

Fortnite, however, has truly rebooted the game and its feel with their latest season, giving the community a taste of their original personality which made the game so popular in the first place. The fun and suspense have made a return into the game in the right amounts. With an island that is now split between secret agents and shadow villains, Fortnite has reminded its community what they are really all about. 

The whole spy theme isn't just about the cosmetics associated with it. The map is now filled with secret locations belonging to both the spy and shadow factions, with each of them possessing the perfect balance of "Risk and Reward". The locations are guarded by NPC's who aren't like regular bots. These folks have the aim of someone using an aimbot that can send you back to the lobby in seconds if not careful.

Players can wear a disguise, loot locations with their team members, steal keycards and raid bases for premium loot, all while still being able to enjoy a game of Fortnite.

A ton of players who either took a break or quit entirely seem to be hopping back in for the surreal experience.

However, only time will tell whether Epic continues to steer Fortnite towards growth or slow their pace down as they often do.

Published 25 Feb 2020, 00:50 IST
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