"Hope he never comes back": Twitch streamers share their thoughts on xQc's ban

xQc recently received a Twitch ban for stream sniping
xQc recently received a Twitch ban for stream sniping
Modified 20 Nov 2020

Should xQc's Twitch ban be permanent? Some streamers think so.

Popular streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel recently received a ban on Twitch for stream sniping during the recent Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event.

His actions ended up costing him quite dearly, as Twitch announced that one of their biggest streamers will not only receive a ban but will also have to forfeit all associated prize money.

While xQc's fans believe that his ban is harsh, many streamers including the likes of Shroud, Tyler1, Esfand, and more had actually predicted the possibility of xQc getting banned for his actions.

In the aftermath of xQc officially getting banned, several responded to the situation, including Tyler1, Esfand, and Ludwig, who had the most outspoken takes on the entire situation.

Twitch streamers react to xQc's ban

Tyler1 and Esfand are two notable streamers on Twitch, who are known for hosting interactive and game-based streams on the Amazon-owned platform.

In the clip above, Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp can be seen holding nothing back while expressing his views on the xQc Twitch ban. He states that the 25-year old streamer had it coming.

"xQc banned! Yepp, I know. Hope it's f*****g permanent. That's what I would say to that f*****g loser, hope he never comes back. Enjoy YouTube is what I'd say! No shit he got banned! He stream sniped on stream, the f**k? He had to be banned or it sets a bad example. Like what, there are people surprised?

Taking a cue from Tyler1 was Esfand, who also shared his thoughts on the xQc Twitch ban.

"If it's anything less than perma, I'll be shocked. In fact, he should be excommunicated from the internet for what he did, absolutely. Deplatformed entirely, maybe even real-life jail. I'm dead serious....ever heard of Alcatraz? I have, it's what should be xQc's new home. Yeah, life in prison. That's just my opinion, please respect my opinion......that is a 100% true! "

In a rather short yet brutal take, Ludwig also reacts to the xQc Twitch ban, where he echoes the sentiments shared by Tyler1 and Esfand:

"As far as the xQc ban goes, a 100% f*****g deserved should have been 5-7 years ...honestly, get him off the f*****g platform , total piece of shit."

From the clips above, whether there was a tinge of sarcasm or not, it is quite evident that a large number of streamers from the Twitch community are not happy with xQc's recent stream sniping incident.

As a result of this, they believe that Twitch had no other option but to ban him because if they failed to do so, it would not be setting the right example for the rest of the community.

Having said that, xQc is now officially banned for 7 days and will certainly be looking to make amends once he returns to Twitch.

Published 20 Nov 2020
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