Horizon Forbidden West will feature free-climbing system, a completely overhauled skill tree, Dualsense and 3D Audio support and much more

Horizon Forbidden West: more details emerge (Image via Sony)
Horizon Forbidden West: more details emerge (Image via Sony)
Manodeep Mukherjee

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Horizon Forbidden West developers shared a lot of new information about the game, including things like a free-climbing system, DualSense and 3D Audio support, the combo-based melee combat system, completely overhauled skill-tree and much more.

The free-climbing system will let players climb any rocks, cliffs and mountains, quite similar to games like Breath of the Wild and recent Assassin’s Creed titles. Along with the grappling hook and glider tool in arsenal, Aloy’s traversal around the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Forbidden West is likely going to be fluid and immersive.

Horizon Forbidden West a major upgrade on former title

Horizon Forbidden West will use the DualSense controllers of the PS5 to its full potential, utilizing the haptic feedback system to make combat feel much more visceral for the player.

Although the developers promised that Horizon Forbidden West would run smoothly on a PS4, they clearly mentioned that the game will offer much more visual fidelity in PS5, including a character lighting system on Aloy. This system will always remain on in the PS5 version, compared to the PS4 version, where it will be used only during the cutscenes.

The PS5 version is also going to excel in terms of the visuals of the underwater scenes, utilizing the special water rendering technique of the PS5.


The skill tree in Horizon Forbidden West has been completely overhauled. The melee combat in the game will also utilize a new combo mechanic, which can be acquired from the skill tree. The developers said that this will offer much more depth in gameplay to the players.

Horizon Forbidden West also packs a lot of different biomes in its game world. Apart from the warm almost-tropical area shown in the State of Play gameplay reveal, the developers talked about a snowy area present in Forbidden West, quite akin to the Frozen Wild DLC of Horizon Zero Dawn.


The workbench teased in the State of Play footage will be present in all the settlements, and this will be used to upgrade Aloy’s weapons and outfits, which will use resources acquired from the open world.

Regarding the elephant in the room, which is the release date of the game, more specifically whether it will still get released in 2021, the devs mentioned that the development of Horizon Forbidden West is “on track”. However, they are yet to finalize the release date, but will be coming out with that info in the near future.

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