How to battle Pokemon GO Tour Challengers

The GO Tour Challengers tasks are new, but not that tricky (Image via Niantic)
The GO Tour Challengers tasks are new, but not that tricky (Image via Niantic)

The Pokemon GO Kanto Tour event is in full swing, and battling GO Tour Challengers is part of some tasks. They're a new addition but shouldn't be too difficult.

Finding GO Tour Challengers is like finding any Team GO Rocket grunt in the game. They hang out at Pokesteps around the map, the same as any typical grunt. One giveaway for the GO Tour Challengers is the slightly darker shaded stops that gamers can spot. Any other day, it would be the same stops that grunts are found at.

To ensure there are no Team Go Rocket Grunts to worry about, players can remove the Rocket radar if it's equipped. If they don't remove the radar, grunts and Team GO Rocket leaders will continue to appear where the Challengers could be instead. The former won't get negated entirely, but it's best to get rid of any complications.

Battling the GO Tour Challengers offers some changes when compared to the usual grunts. They are based on community players and their own avatars rather than a coherent singular team. It's also harder to tell precisely which Pokemon the challenger will use, but most of their teams appear to be based on Kanto Pokemon. One group is the three Eeveelutions, for example.

In order to start the battles with them, players can spin a stop where they can see a community avatar standing next to the stop in range. Unfortunately, there are no hot air balloons to use, so finding stops is the only way to complete the challenges.

Pokemon GO Kanto Tour event and tasks to complete along with GO Tour Challengers


There are two sets of tasks for the Kanto Tour event taking place in Pokemon GO. The major set of tasks is only available if gamers purchased a ticket before the event, which has been hyped up for a couple of months.

A collection challenge is at the center of the Kanto Tour event ticket, and players need to collect all 151 Kanto Pokemon to finish the collection. Simply having them in the Pokedex doesn't count, as there needs to be new additions to gamers' Pokemon storage.

Luckily, there is still a free set of tasks that players can complete, and part of those tasks are the Go Tour Challengers. However, gamers will only have the day to complete the tasks, so they need to get going on those GO Tour Challengers.

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