How to beat Captain Reiner in Outriders

Image Via Square Enix
Image Via Square Enix
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Captain Reiner is one of the first challenges that players will find themselves against as they begin Outriders. The co-op shooter released officially today, and that means plenty of players will be going through the starting section of the game for the first time.

After players make it through the initial stage of the game and a path is chosen, it's time to move forward and find a character named Shira. With the first main mission in hand, players can begin to search for other sidequests. 'Payback' is one of those side quests that players need to pick up to get to Captain Reiner.

Payback is given out by a wounded soldier who wants revenge, or payback, against Captain Reiner. When players were thrown into No Man's Land, it also happened to be Captain Reiner who caused that as well. Taking him down is a great bargain for both the player and the wounded soldier in Outriders.

How to defeat Captain Reiner in Outriders


Captain Reiner is likely the first major obstacle that players will face as they begin their journey, and it won't be a free pass to victory. With some careful strategy though, Captain Reiner will go down.

Before getting to him, players will need to take out a valley of enemies as they make their way to the boss himself. Cover and abilities are the Outriders player's bestfriend in this situation. Also, players should stay on the lookout for lasers, as snipers take aim with them. Avoid the lasers and getting through the area should be quick enough.

After that's cleared, the Captain Reiner fight is next and a prompt explaining interrupts and resistances in Outriders will appear. Essentially, when an enemy is charging up an attack, the player can use their own damage dealing ability to interrupt the move. When players do it too much, the enemy will gain a blue aura that marks a resistance to the interrupt.

Players need to take that into account when they fight Captain Reiner, as interrupts are very important. The main goal should be to take cover and continue to fire when there are openings on Captain Reiner. When he goes for abilities, such as a self heal, that's when a player should strike with an interrupt on the boss.

Watch for his attacks, take cover, and interrupt abilities from Captain Reiner. Before long, players will take the boss down and move on to the next objective in Outriders.

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