How to beat Therian Forme Thundurus in Pokemon GO

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

The Charge Up! event launches in Pokemon GO today, and that means Therian Forme Thundurus is also making a debut in the game. Players will need to defeat the Legendary in a raid battle if they want to catch it, and having a good team can make all the difference.

Therian Forme Thundurus can be found spawning in five-star raids next week as the Charge Up! event plays out. It's the first Therian Forme to appear out of the Forces of Nature trio, and as an Electric-type, it's perfect for the new event in Pokemon GO.

Unlike the rest of the Electric-type Pokemon roaming around the game, Therian Forme Thundurus will be a lot more of a challenge to catch. Like almost every other Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players will need a small squad of players and six good Pokemon in order to beat something like a Therian Forme Thundurus.

The first tip for getting into a good raid, is to look for a five-star raid that hasn't started yet. Mark the time and make sure to appear as soon as the raid starts. If the area is populated, there's a high chance that a handful of players will jump into the raid at the same time. Five players in total that are at level 35 or higher should be able to take down Therian Forme Thundurus, but that is the minimum.

Once players are in a raid with enough members, the next step is to pick a good Pokemon team to counter Thundurus.

The best counters for Therian Forme Thundurus in Pokemon GO


Therian Forme Thundurus is a dual-type Electric and Flying Pokemon just like the Incarnate Forme Thundurus. In that case, Rock and Ice-type movests or Pokemon are going to be the best case scenario to ensure a successful raid.

Best Rock-type picks against Therian Forme Thundurus

  • Rampardos - Smack Down fast attack and Rock Slide charge attack
  • Rhyperior - Smack Down fast attack and Rock Wrecker charge attack
  • Tyranitar - Smack Down fast attack and Stone Edge charge attack

Best Ice-type Picks against Therian Forme Thundurus

  • Mamoswine - Powder Snow fast attack and Avalanche charge attack
  • Galarian Darmanitan - Ice Fang fast attack and Avalanche charge attack
  • Abomasnow (Mega optional) - Powder Snow fast attack and Avalancge charge attack

There are plenty of other picks to choose from for any Pokemon GO players that don't have the Pokemon listed above. Options like Glaceon and Weavile are also nearly as good and might be more manageable to obtain.

Any Pokemon with a high CP, some decent stats, and Ice or Rock-type moves will be effective counters at the end of the day. Make sure you have some decent picks with a good squad, and Therian Forme Thundurus will go down.

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