How to catch Smeargle in Pokemon GO

Catching Smeargle isn't all that doifficult (Image via Pokemon)
Catching Smeargle isn't all that difficult (Image via Pokemon)

Smeargle is part of the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO, and to get the Elite Collector Badge, players have to catch one.

Most Pokemon in the Johto Collection Challenge are relatively easy to catch and will frequently appear in the wild. Smeargle is an exception, but it still isn't as challenging as catching Shadow Pokemon at random.

To get a Smeargle, players can simply take snapshots of any Pokemon. They could be a buddy, a random one just caught, or any variety in the inventory. Once a snapshot is taken, there is a chance that Smeargle will appear in the image. If it does, it will appear on the map once the image section is exited.

From there, players can simply tap on Smeargle, and an encounter will begin to catch it. When the Pokemon gets caught, that section of the Pokemon GO Johto Collection Challenge gets completed.

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Pokemon GO Johto Collection Challenge and the Celebration event


Aside from Smeargle, there are eight other Pokemon in the Johto Collection Challenge. Most of them appear at the same rate in the wild, especially the Generation II starters. The only one with a lower spawn rate is Miltank, but it can be found in research encounters and three-star raids.

Once all nine Pokemon are caught, the collection is completed, and another number gets added to the Elite Collector Badge. There have been four challenges in total, and the Johto collection is on the easier side than the others.

The Pokemon GO collection challenges aren't the only part of the regional events. Generational Legendaries are also a draw, and the Three Legendary Beasts are the center of attention for the Johto Celebration event.

Entei starts the event off with a week of its own in five-star raids within Pokemon GO. After that, Raikou and Suicune will have their subsequent weeks to defeat and catch in separate raids.

For another Generation II Legendary, players will need to complete timed research challenges for the Pokemon GO Johto Celebration, which will have about two weeks in total. Most objectives revolve around defeating Team Rocket members and catching Shadow Pokemon.

If all the objectives are complete, players will have an encounter with Ho-Oh. There's a limited time to do it, though, so players should move quickly to defeat Team Rocket.

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