How to change your classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A screenshot from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)
A screenshot from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)
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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is finally here and has shown to be the most customizable game in the franchise yet. This is due to how many options players have when it comes to building their party.

Not only are there a lot of different party members to travel with, but the game also provides players with the most classes to choose from. Classes are a staple in RPGs as well as various other games. This allows players to craft a build to suit any playstyle they wish to pursue.

While this concept was experimented with in Xenoblade 2, this idea is much more fleshed out, which not only increases the enjoyment of the game's combat but also increases replayability. However, before players can customize their classes, they will need to know how to do so.

Luckily, the process of gaining access to each of the classes Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has in its game is easily explainable. WIth the right knowledge on how to do so, players can have a lot of fun customizing their build for their playthrough.

Building and Unlocking Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

A screenshot from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)
A screenshot from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)

Unlike most RPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles 3's classes are not just given away once at the beginning of a playthrough. As the journey continues, players encounter more recruitable allies who grant the player access to their special class. These classes can then be swapped between party members.

While the option to swap classes around sounds like a novelty at first, this feature becomes much more usable as the player collects more allies. This leaves players with a lot of customization options in the late game once they have their A-team assembled. Not to mention, there are also hidden optional allies as well.

Players looking to unlock every class for every character are going to be in for a bit of a long ride. This is due to the fact that players have to reach a certain level with a character in order to unlock access to their exclusive class. However, due to the large party size allowing six characters at a time, this should be easy.


While the standard Defender, Healer, and Attacker are present, the differences between each character start to show when you really begin to invest in each character's skill in-battle. Of course, the differences in weapons are one of the most obvious differences, but the stats between characters change drastically as well.

To further rank up classes, players will also need to unlock quests specific to the character with the class of choice. This increases the level limit from 10 to 20. These quests become available as the story progresses. This increases the class' level cap even if the class is on a different character.

The ability to exchange classes between characters is a welcome feature in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In a franchise known for having some of the best-written characters Nintendo has ever made, tying interactions with them to the gameplay itself helps bridge the gap between people who play for the game and the story.

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