How to change your Knockout City game ID

Image via Velan Studios
Image via Velan Studios
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Knockout City is a newer game that puts competitive dodgeball front and center.

Created by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts, Knockout City takes dodgeball to the streets in what it deems "dodgebrawl." Players can go in solo or with a team to try and get the victory.

The objective is to throw a ball at your opponent to deplete their hearts and score a knockout. There are a variety of modes and Season One has just begun. For those looking to jump in, it might be important to get the in-game ID that you specifically want.

How to change your game ID in Knockout City

Image via Velan Studios
Image via Velan Studios

The cross-platform game has seen over five million players to this point. Playing across a variety of platforms can come with different ways to change your in-game settings.

Most games allow players to simply go in and change their game ID to whatever they like, while some only allow one use of a certain ID. Knockout City, though, has players changing their game ID externally.

Image via Electronic Arts
Image via Electronic Arts

Inside of Knockout City and even inside the Epic Games or Origin applications are not where players can their in-game name. Instead, players must download the Electronic Arts desktop application or visit EA's website.

On the EA desktop app, select your profile from the top right corner. From there, select the Edit Profile option. Simply change your nickname here and it will update your Knockout City game ID.

Image via Microsoft
Image via Microsoft

On EA's official website, login with your account. Go to the About Me section and select the Edit option. Change the ID to whatever you'd like and submit it to update the game ID.

For those playing on console, changing your Knockout City game ID is the same as changing your PSN name, Xbox Gamertag, or Nintendo Switch Online nickname.

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