How to change your name in PUBG mobile

Image Credit: WallpaperSafari
Image Credit: WallpaperSafari
Rijit Banerjee

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (better known as PUBG) is one of best battle royale games out there. Its mobile version is free to play and has a big player base as well.

Many mobile gamers downloaded the game as soon as it was launched on the Play Store. Hence, some players decided to keep a temporary name without thinking much. As a result, many people had kept terrible usernames which they wanted to change later.

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Previously, it was very difficult for the players to change their in-game name. However, it can now be easily done with the help of a rename card.

If you do not have a Rename Card, then you can buy it in the in-game store for just 180 UC. However, you can also get these Rename Cards from a PUBG Mobile event.

Steps to change your name in PUBG Mobile

#1 Open PUBG and come to your home screen.

Image Credit: GameWith
Image Credit: GameWith

#2 Open the inventory and tap on Rename Card.

#3 Now, it will ask you to change your name.

Image Credit: Quora
Image Credit: Quora

#4 Enter your desired name and press OK.

Your in-game name should be changed now. However, do keep in mind that you can change your name only once in a day.

How to choose the perfect in-game name?

There are many ways to think and choose the perfect in-game name for your PUBG account. You can go for a stylish heavy symbol-based name to assert dominance over your opponent or go for a simple five-letter name as well. There is no perfect name as everyone has adifferent taste while choosing names. However, if you experiment with a lot of names, you should have your exclusive name. A name that is unique and special to you.

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