How to complete 50 Credit achievement in Honkai Star Rail? 

Locate All Wanted Posters for the 50 Credit Achievement in Honkai Star Rail (Image via miHoYo)
Locate All Wanted Posters for the 50 Credit Achievement in Honkai Star Rail (Image via miHoYo)

Honkai Star Rail has a never-ending list of achievements to attain, with each achievement you unlock giving you a ton of Stellar Jades in return. While some achievements are quite straightforward, that involves completing simpleton tasks, other requires you to do quite a bit of grind. One such achievement is the 50 Credit Achievement, which requires you to find and take down a few posters around Jarilo-VI.


To complete the 50 Credits Achievement, all you need to do is find seven wanted posters of you and your crew, within the administrative district zone. In this feature, we will guide you through all the seven wanted poster locations in Honkai Star Rail’s 50 Credit Achievement.

Location of all seven wanted posters in Honkai Star Rail’s 50 Credit Achievement


Poster #1

The poster you will encounter is the poster of Sampo situated below the southernmost Teleporter. This is by far the most well-drawn of all the other posters you will eventually find.

Poster #2

Head north up to the wall underneath the staircase you’ll find an amateurish poster of March 7th stuck on the wall.

Poster #3

You’ll have to head further north to find the third poster. The poster is located on the billboard, right in front of the stairs that heads downwards.

Poster #4

Go all the way across the town till you find the road sloping downwards. You’ll find a poster of Dan Heng stuck on the wall.

Poster #5

The fifth poster is found at the bottom of the staircase. This will be yet another poster of Sampo. Although, not well-drawn like the previous one.

Poster #6

An ugly poster of Dan Heng stuck on a wall across the large staircase.

Poster #7

The last poster is hung right in front of the large staircase.

After scrapping down all the wanted posters of your crew members in the administrative district, you will complete the 50 Credits Achievement in Honkai Star Rail. Along with that, you will also get the Wanted Poster Avatar. You can look at the achievement under the Memories We Share Category. Additionally, you’ll receive the following rewards:

· Five Crystal Jades

· Two Adventure log

· 20 Shield

Well, that’s a wrap up from our end, finding the location of all the wanted posters in the 50 Credit Achievement of Honkai Star Rail. Make sure to check our other related content on Honkai Star Rail. Keep tabs on Sportskeeda for the latest news in the gaming world.

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