How to craft a Health Potion in Horizon Forbidden West

Use these potions in combat for a boost. (Image via Sony)
Use these potions in combat for a boost. (Image via Sony)
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In Horizon Forbidden West, there are a few different ways to heal, and one of the best ways is to use a Health Potion, especially in a tight situation. However, they are not as easy to come by as the berries.

Instead, players need to search for potions on fallen enemies or craft them on their own. The crafting system for potions and tools within the game is fairly robust and players have a lot of options. With the right resources found around the map and plenty of scavenging, crafting a Health Potion is no problem at all.

Crafting a Health Potion in Horizon Forbidden West

Use the hunter kit to craft the potion. (Image via Sony)
Use the hunter kit to craft the potion. (Image via Sony)

There are two ways that players can craft their desired Health Potions in Horizon Forbidden West. The most useful way, and one that players will use the most, is the hunter's kit that Aloy has. This is the collection of items that shows up at the bottom left of the screen. It indicates how many berries Aloy has and which tools are equipped.

Holding down the D-pad will automatically initiate a crafting stance for Aloy on the selected item. If players hold it down when scrolling over a Health Potion, the menu for crafting the potion will pop up. In this menu, players can also tap left or right on the D-pad to scroll through other recipes. If one is missing, then pressing Square can bring up other options in Horizon Forbidden West.

In this menu for the Health Potion, players can hold X to craft what they need. However, space in the potion bag will be required, and so will the correct ingredients. The ingredients that players need are listed below:

Health Potion recipes in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Small Health Potion - 2 Medicinal Berries and 1 Wild Meat
  • Medium Health Potion - 3 Medicinal Berries, 3 Wild Meat, and 1 Vigorstem.
  • Large Health Potion - 5 Medicinal Berries, 5 Wild Meat, and 1 Fiberzest.

When using the hunter's kit, players will need to have all of their materials in hand at the time of crafting.

Using a workbench to craft Health Potions in Horizon Forbidden West


Another way to craft the potions is to use a workbench. These can be found at any shelter, at Aloy's base, or in any settlement around the map. While they need to be traveled to, the workbench offers an advantage.

Sometimes, using a workbench will require less material overall. On top of that, the bench will draw from materials in Aloy's stash rather than the player's inventory. Aloy can then stack up and continue to craft in the field.

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