How to defeat the Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Chainsaw villager "Dr. Salvador" is an intimdating threat encountered early on (Images via Capcom)
The Chainsaw villager "Dr. Salvador" is an intimdating threat encountered early on (Images via Capcom)

The Resident Evil 4 remake is out right now for PC and consoles. The iconic survival-horror title sees a current-gen makeover with new designs and gameplay overhauls for a new audience. However, as a remake, it retains the fundamental structure that made the 2004 Nintendo GameCube original a must-play classic. This includes many familiar aspects, from combat to encountered enemies. One of the many iconic examples of the latter is the Chainsaw Man.

An uncommon enemy type in the Resident Evil 4 remake, as well as the original, he is a burly man with a potato sack on his head. The highlight is the large chainsaw he brandishes, hence the name. He is one of the most challenging foes to tackle, so how do players deal with the Chainsaw Man?

Players will need to play it safe when faced with the intimidating Chainsaw Man in the Resident Evil 4 remake


He is encountered relatively early in the Resident Evil 4 remake in the small village with the infected. When players reach the village, they will be prompted to initiate an in-game cutscene. This follows the mutant villagers burning a person alive in the center of the area. Here on, the absolute terror begins. The place will be swarming with enemies, so it’s best to conserve ammo by using stealth to kill foes and jumping into the action only when detected.

At this point in the remake, protagonist Leon Kennedy will only be armed with a pistol and a knife. Swerve through the waves of foes by staggering them by shooting them in the leg. This will also allow players to follow up with a strong melee attack, ideal for preserving bullets. Be sure to break open crates scattered around the place to collect consumables while keeping an eye on surroundings for lurking enemies.

As players proceed halfway through the village, a brand new cutscene will be initiated, introducing the Chainsaw Man into the mix. Despite his size, he can quickly swing and lunge at the player. As such, players will be prompted to maintain a safe distance. The ideal way to deal with him is to enter the two-story building whose entrance is surrounded by some fences.

This will trigger another cutscene where Leon blocks the door from the inside. However, the Chainsaw man can still be seen approaching his hiding spot. Quickly gather all the collectibles on the ground floor and move upwards. On reaching the upper landing, look to the left of the wall in front of you to see a shotgun; interact with it to add it to your arsenal. Since this has limited ammo, players must use it sparingly.

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In this case, against the chainsaw-wielding threat, that is. Look in the opposite direction to the wall mount of the shotgun to see a ladder propped against the wall. When players reach the second floor, a foe or two may have made it into the house using the ladder. Quickly disarm them and knock away the ladder to keep more foes from pouring in. But it's not over yet. At this point, the Chainsaw man will likely have made his way in, surrounded by other foes.

He can soak up plenty of hits, so players are advised to use everything in their arsenal against him. Use any grenades like explosives or flashbangs to evade the foes' attacks in the closed space. However, Resident Evil 4 remake players would be better off fighting on the rooftops, which can be entered through the windows on this landing. Be wary of other common enemies and ensure they do not grab you from behind. This could cause Leon to take a few hits.

Dealing enough damage to the Chainsaw Man can cause him to enter a raged mode where he will strike with fast flurries of attacks. His attacks can be dodged using the knife, but this mechanic degrades knife health. If players cannot finish him off on the rooftops, there is another opportunity to help Leon. Jump down and head to the shed, housing a cow. Ensure the Chainsaw foe tracks Leon and heads to the back of the shed while keeping iron sights locked on the lantern on the ceiling.

Shoot it when enough foes make it inside or as the Chainsaw Man is about to strike. This will set the shed on fire and the cow, which will damage any enemy in its path. Hopefully, it helps deliver the finishing blow to him. Killing him grants a decent sum of money to be picked up. That is all players need to know about dealing with this enemy in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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The Resident Evil 4 remake is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and XSX|S.

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