How to dye armor in Horizon Forbidden West

Dye armor to change the color for Aloy. (Image via PlayStation)
Dye armor to change the color for Aloy. (Image via PlayStation)
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The ability to dye armor is one of the latest ways players can customize Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West. The feature is hinted at early on as Aloy begins her adventure into the west, but details are scarce for a few hours within the game.

Players may notice that they earn dye and facepaint designs as rewards for quests within The Daunt area of the map. However, they can't be found within the normal inventory system, which certainly causes some confusion within the customization aspect of the game.

But in due time and with a bit of progression, players will be able to dye their armor.

Where to dye armor in Horizon Forbidden West

Each armor will have its own dye options. (Image via PlayStation)
Each armor will have its own dye options. (Image via PlayStation)

The reason that the ability to dye armor is confusing is mainly tied to the idea that players must go to vendors. Almost anything in the game that isn't directly crafted or upgraded must be obtained from a vendor, including dyes.

There is no vendor for dyeing armor when players start their initial journey in "The Daunt" of the west. Though facepaint and dye patterns may be given as rewards, players need to wait to have them painted on.

The easiest Dyer that players can access is located in Plainsong, which is the home of the Utaru tribe. Unlike other Tenakth tribes, the people here are much more peaceful and allow Aloy to enter without a problem. Not only is this the closest Dyer to The Daunt, but it is also the easiest to access.

Plainsong may be the easiest to reach, but it is not the only area with a Dyer. After Plainsong, nearly any major settlement in Horizon Forbidden West will have a Dyer. These vendors will have any unlocked patterns available to paint on armor, but not every color scheme can be universally selected.

How to make armor dye in Horizon Forbidden West


Some dyes in Horizon Forbidden West can be purchased with Metal Shards, but most need certain ingredients. This system works similar to the way that getting food does. Players collect materials and bring them to a vendor for full use.

Players need to look for different colored blooms when getting armor dyes created. These blooms can be found on cliffs or any other rocky areas on the map most of the time. Unlike other pants, these blooms are named after colors, making picking them easy. Within no time, players can dye all of the armor they want.

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