How to easily obtain the Peng Treasure in Dead Space remake?

Dead Space remake has retained many of the core aspects from the original release (Image via EA)
Dead Space remake has retained many of the core aspects from the original release (Image via EA)

The Peng Treasure is one of the many things the Dead Space remake has successfully retained from the original release. Motive Studio and EA have done an excellent job recreating the 2008 version, which led to the birth of a new franchise. Many players love what's on offer in this remake version, as the originality has been retained.

The Dead Space trilogy has since become a celebrated trilogy in the horror games genre. However, Motive Studio has made specific changes to a few things.

One of it has to do with the changed position of the Peng Treasure, which is no longer in the exact same place. This could make it harder to find for some Dead Space remake players who will be banking on their prior knowledge of the classic release. However, following the steps mentioned in the next section will certainly make the treasure easier to find.

Dead Space remake players will be in the location of the Peng Treasure very early in the game but won't find it

Like the classic release, the Dead Space remake takes players to the ISS Ishimura, where Isaac Clarke's horror-filled journey begins. The campaign is divided into different chapters, and players proceed sequentially from one to the next.


Incidentally, the Peng Treasure is located where players will visit in chapter one. However, there's a catch, as players won't be able to access the treasure right away. Despite being in the relatively correct place, one must wait until chapter 11 to finally access the said item.

The main emphasis for players will be finishing the previous parts of the story. There's no rocket science and all someone will have to be careful is not to miss the exact location. The nature of the quest makes it irreversible in Dead Space remake.

  • Proceed to chapter 11 by going through the campaign.
  • Come back to the chapter one area from where you started your journey.
  • You'll want to reach the Cargo Bay area at this level.
  • Wait till the 'Engage the Cargo Crane' objective is prompted, which starts the required quest.
  • Take the cargo lift, and get down to the lower level. This is a linear action as it's the only course of action you can take at this point.
  • Exit the lift and turn immediately to the left.
  • You'll find a couple of boxes, which are removable with the use of your Kinetic ability.
  • Once the boxes are removed, you'll find a couple of locker storage and a poster of the Peng Treasure hanging beside.
  • Open the locker on the left, and the Peng Treasure can be found in it. Proceed to obtain it and add it to your collection.

Dead Space remake players must obtain the said treasure at this point since it can't be retrieved later in the game. If someone interacts with the 'Red Marker' and moves to the latter part, it will be lost forever. Hence, they must ensure to go through the Cargo Bay and get the treasure before exiting the area.

Shaped like a woman, the treasure can be obtained in all mainstream Dead Space games. It can only be obtained once in every playthrough but can be repeated in a new save.

Players must complete a particular achievement, and the treasure can be sold for plenty of credit.

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