How to find Atlantes de Tula in Forza Horizon 5

The four powerful statues stand waiting (Image via Playground Games)
The four powerful statues stand waiting (Image via Playground Games)
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Forza Horizon 5 features one of the most beautiful and detailed world maps in the history of racing games. Players can spend hours speeding around the beautiful scenery of Mexico and hunting down its many natural and manmade wonders.

Atlantes de Tula, or the Atlanteans of Tula, are four Toltec monuments that represent the mesopotamian god Quetzalcoatl. This intriguing landmark is represented in the game, which players have to find. However, it will take a little work to hunt them down.

Finding the Atlantes de Tula in Forza Horizon 5


Forza Horizon 5 hides a ton of its content in plain sight while tasking drivers with finding their way to some unique spots. The Atlantes de Tula is visible on the map, and players only need to find their way there.

The Atlantes de Tula can be found in the southern chunk of the map. It is to the west of Gran Pantano and to the south of Teotihuacan. The area is to the east of Cascadas de Agua Azul.

Atlantes de Tula is marked by a sizeable raised structure, upon which the four statues sit. The area is visible on the game map. Players will be able to find the Cascada Trail, La Selva Scramble, and Granjas De Tapalpa events south of the landmark.

Why players should find Atlantes de Tula in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 features a ton of benefits that can be availed by exploring organically. The Atlantes de Tula plays an important part in a few different interesting activities.

Apart from finding the races in the area and checking out the beautiful craftsmanship, this location is necessary in some cases. Players may be tasked with photographing the scene for a variety of daily or weekly challenges.

Players will receive 3,000 XP once they reach the Atlantes de Tula landmark, making it worth the effort. With the photo challenge and initial benefits, most players may not need any additional motivation. However, there is one other reason to find and reach this area.

The game features fourteen barns, which contain old and run-down classic cars that can later be restored. Atlantes de Tula is the site of one of these barns, and players will want to hunt it down for these rare finds.

The Atlantes de Tula barn is located immediately south of the landmark, and it can be found on the other side of a small river in the area. The end of the Cascadas trail event is very close to that area.

Forza Horizon 5 features some truly beautiful sights and landmarks. However, these areas are for more than roaming around.

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