How to get seaweed in Stardew Valley

Image via ConcernedApe
Image via ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley players are curious how to get their hands on seaweed - an item that is useful for cooking and constructing a particular building.

Good news for Stardew Valley farmers! Seaweed is super easy to obtain in the game and there are multiple methods for doing so.

This article is a farmer's guide to getting seaweed in Stardew Valley.

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There are multiple methods for obtaining seaweed in Stardew Valley


The primary and most effective way to get seaweed in Stardew Valley is by fishing in the ocean. If a player fishes for long enough, they will often start to catch more seaweed than fish. Each seaweed caught while fishing earns a player 3 Fishing XP.

Stardew Valley players can also forage for seaweed on beaches, though this is less effective than fishing because the item does not spawn frequently. Finding a piece of seaweed while foraging earns a player 7 Foraging XP.

Yet another tactic players can try out to gather seaweed is to adventure in the mines when the Shrine of Challenge quest is active, on floors 1-39.

Seaweed has a variety of uses in Stardew Valley. It is used to make the Maki Roll in cooking and is a material needed to construct the Fish Pond building. Additionally, seaweed is required in tailoring to make the Kelp Shirt.

Seaweed is a good item for players to have in Stardew Valley, because sometimes, it will be requested for on the Help Wanted board in front of Pierre's General Store for a valuable reward. Also, if a player desires to increase how many fish their pond can hold, a quest may require them to obtain seaweed.

All in all, while seaweed isn't one of the most important items in Stardew Valley, it certainly still has its uses. Thankfully, the item isn't terribly difficult to obtain and there are multiple ways to do so.

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