How to get a sword kill-streak in Halo Infinite?

Sword kill-streak in Halo Infinite (Image by 343 Industries)
Sword kill-streak in Halo Infinite (Image by 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite was recently launched, and it has already claimed the title of the best first-person shooter of 2021. The free-to-play aspect paired with a satisfactory and polished momentum-based gameplay makes it irresistible.

The energy sword is the most iconic weapon of the Halo franchise. First introduced in Halo Combat Evolved back in 2001, the weapon is used by Stealth Sangheili and Zealots. Since then, it has remained an icon of the Halo arsenal and has been carried over to Halo Infinite.

Similar to previous Halo titles, the Energy Sword makes a glorious return to Halo Infinite. With an understanding of the game mechanics and a little bit of practice, any player can easily dominate with this melee weapon.


How to play best with a sword in Halo Infinite?

Getting a sword in a traditional match of Halo Infinite is quite rare. Unless it’s Fiesta, players have to depend on weapon spawn points to get a sword. However, once the player has a sword, he can become quite a terror on the battlefield.

Limited weapon

The Sword in Halo Infinite has charge-based ammo. Starting from 100%, the charge quickly boils down to 0% after five to six successful hits. One of the first things the player should be aware of is the charge and the fallback weapon. Even if a player is devastating with an energy sword, he is totally vulnerable once the sword is out of charge.

Momentum is crucial

As an arena shooter, Halo Infinite prioritizes movement over purely gun skill. To be a devastating player with a sword, a player has to always be moving, taking strikes whenever possible. There shouldn’t be any opening for a player to be suppressed by a weapon when he has a sword.

Grappleshot and Thrusters, utilizing the abilities

Halo Infinite introduces Abilities to the series, and two of them are quite useful with a sword. For Grappleshot, it’s all about understanding the range and the swing. This allows a player to cover a large distance and close any gap with an enemy. It can also be used to swing in and come down hard on an enemy with the sword by moving the cursor away from the grapple shot point. On the other hand, the thrusters are perfect for on-foot combat. Players can quickly move in for a strike or dodge gunfire.

Unlike many other first-person shooter titles, Halo Infinite’s melee weapons are not weak, but are rather useful instead. By understanding the game mechanics and with some practice, a player can easily dominate a lobby.

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