How to get the sword in TUNIC

The sword is mightier than the stick (Image via Skryux/YouTube)
The sword is mightier than the stick (Image via Skryux/YouTube)

TUNIC is a lovely isometric Zelda-like game developed by indie developers Tunic Team. A cute, anthropomorphic fox is its protagonist. Like its inspiration, the game involves exploring the world to find secrets, items, and gear.

The very first weapon players pick up in TUNIC is a flimsy-looking stick. The stick won’t do much, but it is fine in an emergency. Of course, players should replace it with a sword as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the stick can be ditched for a sword quite early in the game. However, to get a sword, players must first obtain a key to open Hero's Grave.

How Tunic players can obtain the key to open Hero’s Grave and find the sword


Players should start from the beginning of the game and make their way to the very top of the steps. If players are passing between pillars along a blue stone road, they’re in the right place.

Players should keep running ahead until they see a flight of steps going down to their left. They can then cross the bridge and grab the key on the ground.

After picking up the key, players should backtrack to where the first landing was (after the bridge near the start of TUNIC).

Players will notice that there is a golden door etched into the side of the mountain. They can use the key to unlock it and make their way inside.

Stick to the right, into the hallway (Image via Skryux/YouTube)
Stick to the right, into the hallway (Image via Skryux/YouTube)

Players should go through the exit on the other side and climb two sets of ladders before walking up the stairs. At the top, they should go right into the cave. This will lead them to the East Belltower.

Players should now follow the hallway to the right. They will come to a room with a single blob enemy and a ladder. Players can use the ladder to exit the ruins and enter the East Forest.

Players now have to get past their enemies and rest at the brazier. They should ignore the ruins nearby and hug the cliff on the right.

Players should then walk past the pots and enter the Path to Hero’s Grave. Again, they should stick to the path on the right and weave around their enemies to climb to the top.

The lever opens the gate (Image via Skryux/YouTube)
The lever opens the gate (Image via Skryux/YouTube)

Players can now follow the path over the gate before going down the ladder. They can pull the lever located here to open the gate.

Players will find the sword awaiting them at the end of the cliff against a statue. The weapon can now be used to take down all the enemies they encounter in the game.

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