How to level up quickly in Black Ops Cold War?

Image via Treyarch
Image via Treyarch

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has brought a new year of progression with its launch, and leveling up fast is the goal of many players. There are a few keys to keep in mind to rank up quickly.

One of the most important parts of ranking up fast is playing the right game modes. If XP is the goal, then players should avoid kill-based match types like Free-for-All or Team Deathmatch. Rather, the best modes to play will be the objective ones.

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Picking the right game modes in Black Ops Cold War

Hardpoint and Domination are at the top of the list for fast-paced games that provide plenty of chances for XP gains. Search and Destroy, technically, will give more XP for kills and objectives.

However, the games are longer, and it frankly requires more skill. Getting kills and defusing bombs in Search and Destroy isn't exactly as easy as walking on a point and continuously respawning.

The larger modes, like Dirty Bomb, will also provide a ton of XP per match. However, those games are far different when compared to the core multiplayer game modes. Regardless, there are options for gaining XP fast in the right game modes.

Don't leave Black Ops Cold War matches

Image via Treyarch
Image via Treyarch

Another tip for ranking up quickly in multiplayer is to stay in matches. Games in Black Ops Cold War can get frustrating, or sometimes players need to go do something and leave a game.

Whatever the reason, quitting midway in Black Ops Cold War or Call of Duty in general is super easy. There are no penalties, and players can quickly find a new lobby.

That should be avoided, though, and staying in a match is incredibly important. End of match XP bonuses will go somewhere around 4,000 to 5,000 additional XP on top of the XP already earned in the game. Simply staying in matches will net plenty.

Utilizing killstreaks and medals

The last set of tips for leveling up fast in Black Ops Cold War, without boosts like double XP, are the killstreaks and medals in the game. The latter is another one of those things that can passively be earned by just playing matches. But the better someone plays, the more medals they are going to earn with XP.

Kill streaks in Black Ops Cold War tie into that a little, and going on a streak will net more XP the longer it goes on. Streaks and multikills will also earn additional medals and further boost the XP gains in multiplayer.

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