How to link Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo

Pokemon GO and Pokemon Home can be connected in order to share Pokemon to the cloud-based inventory space. Connecting the two accounts is fairly simple and can be done through the Pokemon GO app.

Step 1: Players need to open the Pokemon GO app and load the game up. Once in, players need to hit the Pokeball symbol at the bottom of the screen that is set in the center.

Step 2: Multiple options will pop up as always, and players should tap on the settings symbol with the gear in order to get to the next section.

Step 3: At the bottom of the settings page, there will be an option to tap on Pokemon Home. Tapping on Pokemon Home will bring up a page that allows players to sign in to their Nintendo account.

Step 4: When prompted to go to the Nintendo site to log in, simply accept, and it will redirect to the page. Sign in to the account and tap OK to return to Pokemon GO.

Why should players link Pokemon GO and Pokemon Home?

Pokemon Home has been around for a bit, and it's essentially just a cloud storage system for Pokemon. However, it applies to many of the core Pokemon games like Sword and Shield. Players can use Pokemon Home for free, but there is also a membership that gives players more options.

Pokemon GO was added to the list of available games for Pokemon Home, and that means the Pokemon in Pokemon GO are linked with the rest of the storage. So, not only can Pokemon in the app be transferred to the Home storage, but it also opens up the opportunity to get Meltan in the other games.

Meltan is the first form of Melmetal and is the only Pokemon to be introduced outside of the core games and the Pokemon anime.

For a while, Melmetal and Meltan could only be obtained in Pokemon GO. The only way to fully evolve a Meltan was to link either Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee! where Meltan could be transferred.

With Pokemon Home, players can transfer Meltan to the storage system, and they will receive a lure for Meltan within Pokemon GO through a special box. On top of that, players will also receive a Gigantamax version of Melmetal within Pokemon Sword and Shield.

For anyone truly trying to catch every Pokemon, using Pokemon Home along with Pokemon GO may be one of the best options.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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