How long is God of War on PC?

The PC version will take as much time as the PS4 version (Image via Sony)
The PC version will take as much time as the PS4 version (Image via Sony)

God of War was finally released on PC about four years after its initial launch in 2018, and players are already diligently making their way through the entire game. It might not be as long as something like AC: Odyssey or Skyrim, but it's certainly not short.

The game reaches a happy middle ground where users get a full adventure, but nothing that's expected out of a fully open-world experience. Kratos goes through a semi-open world instead, and minor bits of exploration are encouraged if gamers want to take part in that.

If not, the main story can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

How long does it take to beat the God of War story or full game?


One site called "Howlongtobeat" has been around for a while and can show players the length of time it takes to beat almost any game. The site works by having them enter the results of their playthroughs in polls.

Results are typically spread by the main story, completionist runs, and the average time. For God of War, the main story alone will take an average of 21 hours.

There are about 3,000 separate instances of results averaged for the title on all platforms. While most may be from PlayStation platforms, the game is effectively the same on PC, so the average time played will not change.

So far, there have been 44 PC completions polled on the "howlongtobeat" site, but those will surely increase soon.

Aside from the main story time, there are average times for main story with extras and a full completionist run. The main story with extras takes an average of 33 hours, meaning some side quests along with main quests. Completionist runs will take an average of 52 hours to complete, including reaching the platinum trophy for the game.

Speedrun times for God of War

Some times have been polled for speedruns (Image via Sony)
Some times have been polled for speedruns (Image via Sony)

On top of the average times on the site, there are times for speedrunning. There aren't nearly as many averages polled, but the average time for an any percent run is 9 hours. For uses who want to take on a full completionist speedrun, they should expect about 16 hours to finish.

Perhaps, with the release of God of War on PC, there will be more speedrun attempts, especially with tech. However, that remains to be seen as the first week comes to a close.

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