How to get max health in God of War

Kratos has proven to be one of the mightiest warriors (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Kratos has proven to be one of the mightiest warriors (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
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Swarms of new players are starting their journey as Kratos with God of War now released on PC.

For years, God of War was a PlayStation exclusive, but now with its launch on PC, a new generation gets to control the Spartan and play through his most recent story, embedded in Norse mythology.


Fighting through the Norse realms is no easy task for Kratos and his son Atreus. You are going to come across some tough gods and dangerous monsters that will require you to have maximum health. This can only be accomplished by collecting the Idunn Apples.

Where to find all Idunn Apples for max health in God of War

Kratos finding an Idunn Apple in God of War (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Kratos finding an Idunn Apple in God of War (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

There are nine Idunn Apples in God of War. Collecting three of them will allow Kratos' health points to reach their maximum. Finding the remaining six will increase his vitality stat.

The vitality stat is also important for Kratos' health. It can be raised by equipping better gear or upgrading the current one. However, collecting the Idunn Apples is the most important task.

Here are all of the Idunn Apple locations in God of War:

  • Apple 1: In the Wildwoods region, after the first combat encounter of the game, there is a small temple with three exits. A wooden board is blocking a small cavern directly in front. Break through and a rune chest with an Idunn Apple is inside.
  • Apple 2: The second Idunn Apple in God of War is in the River Pass. After the first Revenant fight, go to the back of the room opposite of the bridge to find the chest.
  • Apple 3: After defeating the Brenni Daudi troll in the Foothills, there is a timed challenge. Hit three bells by throwing Kratos' Axe as quick as possible and you will gain access to the rune chest.
  • Apple 4: There is a Lookout Tower boat dock near the south of the Lake of Nine. Ring all three bells again with the Axe and the rune chest will open with the fourth Idunn Apple.
  • Apple 5: The Forgotten Caverns can be reached via boat. There are spinning towers inside. You need to hit one to begin the rotation, then the other two as they are rotating to unlock the Idunn Apple chest.
  • Apple 6: At the beginning of the Ringed Temple Trench, there is a platform puzzle. Move the platform with the cog to set it at different heights, uncovering the runes to unlock the chest.
  • Apple 7: After you unlock shock arrows for Atreus' bow, you'll encounter some Frost Draugr and a bridge covered in red vines. Use the new arrows to blow everything up, then search for the runes. Destroy them to open the chest.
  • Apple 8: Go to the Light Elf Outpost north of Tyr's Temple. Destroy the rune behind the chest, the rune on the outer ring of the stronghold, and the final one on a pillar near the top of the location. This will unlock the chest.
  • Apple 9: The final Idunn Apple in God of War is inside Tyr's Vault. Be careful of the spiked booby traps while you look for the three runes. Destroy them and the final chest will open for you to maximize Kratos' health.

Vitality and HP combine to account for Kratos' health. The only true way to reach maximum health in God of War is finding all nine of the Idunn Apples through the various puzzles.

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