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How to make the Modern Warfare 1.28 update download smaller

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)
Modified 14 Oct 2020, 00:42 IST

The download size of Modern Warfare has been huge since the release of the game, and over a year later, the download size remains astonishing as a whole. Recently, the download size for Modern Warfare on PC reached around 250GB. That's half a standard HDD or SSD, and it makes downloading multiple games a pain. It also makes each subsequent update a strenuous task to download as well.

That insane download size was made manageable a while back on console. Console players are able to choose which modes in Modern Warfare they would like to download in order to save space and time on the download. Console players are able to simply download the multiplayer packs, which are still a big download, and leave the other game modes out. As of today, PC will finally have that option as well.

How to make the Modern Warfare 1.28 update download smaller

The news of a the split download feature for PC was announced before today's Modern Warfare 1.28 update. The Production Manager for Modern Warfare, Paul Haile, was one of the people to break the news on Twitter.

It's important to note the exact wording, which is for PC MW owners. Players that simply play Warzone and not all of Modern Warfare don't need to worry as much about download sizes. The download size issue is for owners of Modern Warfare specifically.

Starting today, those owners of Modern Warfare on PC will be able to choose which specific modes are downloaded on the Launcher. For anyone who already has the massive 250GB game downloaded, they will be able to go into the launcher and uninstall the specific modes they don't want.

They are technically 4 modes that are in Modern Warfare, and that's what contributes to the huge download. There is Multiplayer, Warzone, Spec Ops, and the Single Player Campaign. Every season, 3 of those 4 modes get new content added to the game, and plenty of new updates along the way.

The 1.28 Modern Warfare update is sure to bring a lot of relief to Modern Warfare owners on PC. The download was a almost a quarter of a terabyte which is really unbelievable when compared to any other games on the market at the moment. With the split download files, players will be able to download some new games. Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and the beta is this weekend. With this update, it will make extra space to fit some more Call of Duty.

Published 14 Oct 2020, 00:42 IST
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