How many people play Among Us: The imposter game that's taking the world by storm

(Image Credit: Steam)
(Image Credit: Steam)

Among Us is now one of the most popular games in the world. The imposter title has a massive player base that has taken to the game very quickly. Among Us has even become the subject of mainstream pop culture and memes. A game with less than 10 peak players at any given time in 2018, has now gone on to make a complete turnaround.

In 2019, Among Us started to gain some traction, as more players were signing on to play. Even though going from 10 to 100 is a good jump, it's nothing close to where they would turn out to be a year down the line. After more traction was gained and some popular streamers displayed the potential that Among Us had, the imposter game grew to unprecedented heights.

How many people play Among Us: The imposter game that's taking over the world by storm

(Image Credit: Steam)
(Image Credit: Steam)

Most gamers know someone that plays Among Us, and more often than not, they play it themselves. But how does that translate to the real number of players on Among Us? In an article from The Gamer, Inner Sloth, who develops Among Us, revealed the new concurrent player count in late September.

The game reached a concurrent peak of 3.8 million players all online at the same time. Those numbers include both PC as well as mobile players. For Steam alone, the concurrent player peak, according to Steam Charts, is 438,524 players. That is an all time high for Among Us on the platform.

Further information from the lead Among Us programmer, Forest Willard, tells us that the game reached impressive daily user numbers and overall downloads. The studio surpassed 60 million daily active users for Among Us, and over 100 million downloads. That number is undoubtedly even higher now. Most of the downloads for Among Us are supposedly on the mobile platform.

Those are some truly incredible numbers for any game on Steam, and much of it was fueled by the fun that the game offers, and popular streamers consistently showing it off on stream. The popularity of Among Us has taken off so much that Inner Sloth announced they would be cancelling Among Us 2 for now, instead putting their full focus into providing support to the original title.

With it's huge player count, and the relatively novel success, it seemingly didn't feel right for the developers to release a whole new game and potentially split the massive player base.

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