How much money do the top Twitch streamers really make?

Image Credits: EssentiallySports
Image Credits: EssentiallySports

Streamers have become an integral part of the gaming scene. Any average game which is able to attract a good number of streamers inadvertently ends up doing well in the market. Apart from that, streaming is considered highly lucrative. However, the 'big money' phase never comes for the majority of streamers.

Most gamers have thought about entering the world of game streaming. While there are big Twitch streamers such as Tfue, Clix and Bugha, who have managed to make fortunes off streaming, there are thousands of others who spend hours every day, trying to build a decent community. In this article, we attempt to answer the age-old question. How much money do the Top Twitch streamers make?

How much money do the top Twitch streamers really make?

In a video posted by Techquikie back in 2018, we saw a detailed analysis of how much money Twitch streamers make. Firstly, getting 50 followers allows them to be part of the 'Affiliate Program'. This opens up a variety of earning options, including Bits, subscriptions and ads. The revenue is shared between the streamer and the platform.

Secondly, Twitch streamers can also apply to become a Partner, which further opens up more serious and consistent ways to earn money. The difference between a Twitch affiliate and a partner streamer can be seen in the following picture.

Image Credits: Stream Elements
Image Credits: Stream Elements

According to the video that you can see below, once you manage to become a Twitch partner streamer, the next step is to spend hours every week and try to build a regular community of people who want to watch your broadcasts.

On an average, a streamer who manages to create a decent community should be able to earn around $3000 to $5000 a month.


The streamers also start getting other opportunities at this stage, which includes events and sponsorships. It must be remembered that due to the fierce competition, only a handful of streamers ever get this opportunity.

We recently saw that a streamer like Clix, who currently has more than 20k subscribers on Twitch, manages to bring in around $100,000 a month, out of which around $70,000 is via Twitch subscriptions alone. This does not include donations and salaries that the streamer might be taking from various Esports organizations. Again, reaching such heights is time-consuming and does not happen in most cases.

However, if you do manage to make it as a Twitch streamer, you can be earning anything from around $3000 per month, to as high as what somebody like 'Clix' is earning.

Hence, as far as the top 1% of streamers are concerned, they can easily make more than 1$ million in total, including all the different avenues mentioned above.

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