How to obtain Steinbjorn set, the best armor set in God of War Ragnarok

The Steinbjorn set is easily the best armor set in God of War Ragnarok (Image via PlayStation)
The Steinbjorn set is easily the best armor set in God of War Ragnarok (Image via PlayStation)

God of War Ragnarok, the highly awaited sequel to God of War (2018), is finally in the hands of players. The game, much like its predecessor, follows a non-linear progression, allowing players to partake in a variety of fun side content that rewards their curiosity with exciting new gear, runic attacks, weapon upgrade materials, and other resources.

Similar to the last game, God of War Ragnarok offers plenty of armor sets to collect that players can come across while exploring the nine realms. While most armor sets in GOW Ragnarok are equally viable as end-game sets, there are some armor sets that work better than others, offering perks that can massively help players get overpowered early in the game.

One such hidden armor set that players can grab pretty early is the Steinbjorn set, which comes from a rather obscure side quest and is easily the best armor set in GOW Ragnarok. Here are the steps to grab the Steinbjorn armor set in God of War Ragnarok.

Note: This article contains spoilers for God of War Ragnarok.

The Steinbjorn armor set offers the most defense among all armor sets in God of War Ragnarok

The Steinbjorn armor set can only be collected after completing the main story quest, "Forging Destiny," which grants Kratos his new weapon, the Draupnir Spear. The legendary Draupnir Spear is required to grab the artifact that unlocks the hidden questline, which rewards players with the Steinbjorn armor set.


Players need to grab the Mystical Heirloom Relic, which, while useless in most scenarios, is the only way to unlock the Troll boss fights in God of War Ragnarok. In the last game, Trolls made up for most of the boss encounters, which is one of the very few criticisms players had about the game.

However, with God of War Ragnarok, developer Santa Monica Studio took players' feedback very seriously, increasing the enemy variety ten folds, and making the Trolls basically non-existent outside of the very hidden questline required to unlock the Steinbjorn armor set.


Although Troll encounters are not that difficult, players should be at least level 4 before attempting this questline. Here are the steps to unlock the Steinbjorn armor set in God of War Ragnarok:

  • After getting the Draupnir Spear in the "Forging Destiny" main story quest, players need to make their way to Midgard.
  • Go to the Lake of Nine realm door, and proceed to the south of the frozen lake, beside the broken helmet of Tyr. Players will see a yellow-glowing ice block which they can detonate using the Spear.
  • Once they detonate the ice block, they will receive the Mystical Heirloom Relic, which they need to equip.
  • Next, players need to proceed to the Derelict Outpost realm door in Midgard and go past Sindri's workshop to reach the first Troll statue, which they can awaken by tapping L1+circle (while equipping the Mystical heirloom).
  • Once the Troll is defeated, players will receive a crafting item called the "Slumbering Stone," which is required to craft the Steinbjorn armor set.
  • There are three other trolls players need to hunt and kill in order to craft the full armor set.
  • The next two are found in Vanaheim, at Noatun's Garden.
  • Players should first explore the area and break the three poison baskets to make the battle against the two Trolls manageable.
  • The final Troll is in Alfheim at the Forbidden Sands area, which only unlocks after freeing the two Hafgufas.
  • After defeating all the trolls and collecting the four Slumbering Stones, players can craft the Seinbjorn armor set, which starts at level 6 and goes up to level 9.

The Steinbjorn armor set offers only one stat boost, that being defense. However, it increases defense to almost the maximum even at its base level. Upgrading the armor and equipping the Vanaheim's enchantments can further boost Kratos' defense to its maximum value.


The best use of the Steinbjorn armor is against the 12 endgame Berserker Soul bosses, which can easily deplete Kratos' health with just a few hits. However, with the Steinbjorn armor set equipped, players can trade blows with these bosses. The armor set is also the best armor choice for the "Muspelheim Trials" as well as the Valkyrie Gna boss fight in God of War Ragnarok.

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