How old is Lynx in Fortnite Season 3: Speculation and theories

Lynx Loading Screen in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games)
Lynx Loading Screen in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games)
Rijit Banerjee

Fortnite Battle Royale has emerged as one of the best battle royale games which has an actual story-line attached to it. Each season there are new changes and improvements to the storyline and based on the changes, the game introduces new characters, locations, and weapons into the game.

Not every cosmetic in the game has a major lore related it.

However, there are skins in the game that build up over-time, and impact Fortnite's storyline.

One such character is 'Lynx' who was introduced way back in Season 7 as a battle pass starter legendary skin which had style updates on it. Since the release of the skin, it has been a fan favourite in the Fortnite Community.

Lynx Skin in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Wallpaper Access)
Lynx Skin in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Wallpaper Access)

Streamers like Pokimane loved the style options and overall the skin looked perfect. However, that wasn't it. Lynx was noticed in Chapter 2 Season 2 Meowscles loading screen and players were quick to backtrace the images to the original lynx loading screens where they could see meowscles in the background.

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Players chalked it off as an 'Easter egg' of sorts; However, it turns out that Meowscles also has a tattoo in the name of lynx. That further confirms their relationship in the game's history.

This also raised another question among a few hardcore fans - What is Lynx's age according to the Fortnite storyline?

Lynx's age in Fortnite

Although there is no official confirmation of her age from Epic Games. We can speculate on her age by looking at her relationship Meowscles in the game. Based on an educated guess, we can say Lynx is between 18 to 24 years of age in the game.

A few theories also suggest that Fortnite's own 'Cat-woman' could very well be a teenage paladin and merely 16 years old.

Here is a video discussing the same:


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