How to execute an outside foot shot in FIFA 23?

The outside foot shot is very useful in certain conditions (Image via EA Sports)
The outside foot shot is very useful in certain conditions (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 offers players many shooting choices to score a goal. The basic shot gives beginners a chance to get one over their opponents.

Advanced users, in comparison, will want to test the more complex variants as it offers versatility. An outside foot shot or an outside foot curler is one example that allows players to score a goal from a tricky angle. The shot uses the outer part of a player's foot and provides a curl which is the exact opposite of a standard shot.

Knowing how to perform the shot is rare as it takes practice. That said, it's handy to learn and can often become the difference between a win and a loss. This article dives into the buttons players need to press to execute this shot. While it will take some practice, players can master it in no time knowing the controls.

Disclaimer: Controls are for PlayStation and Xbox users only. PC players using the same controller layout can also benefit from using the same buttons.

The outside foot shot adds a natural curl to the ball's pathway in FIFA 23

The outside foot shot is helpful in certain situations and can be a game-changer against high-level AI/Ultimate Team opponents. The natural curl it puts on the ball is often necessary to beat the best keepers in the game. Moreover, another big advantage comes when shooting someone with a poor Weak Foot rating.


Performing it in FIFA 23 is relatively simple, but the practice is paramount. Since two buttons must be pressed simultaneously, players will need time to get the hang of it.

PlayStation users:

  • Press the L2+ Circle button

Xbox Users:

  • Press the LB+ B button

There are a few details to note. The controls mentioned above are for the default control settings. Secondly, both buttons must be pressed simultaneously as they have individual functions. When done incorrectly, the buttons will perform their roles, and the outside foot shot won't be generated.

An easier way to perform it is by positioning a footballer diagonally and increasing the power of the shot. However, this method is unpredictable; moreover, it works for cards with specific traits (Thomas Lemar is an excellent example of such a card). While the mechanism can work with all cards, players having better finishing stats will have natural advantages. A card of players like Lionel Messi can hit unstoppable shots.

It can take a player some time to get used to the controls and shoot outside-foot shots effectively in FIFA 23. A player's potential benefits are pretty good, and learning the mechanism will be rewarding in the long run. The benefits will grow gradually as a player starts playing against more challenging opponents in the game.


Aside from the outside foot shot, several other options are available to a player in FIFA 23. The developers have added a brand new power shot which adds incredible force behind a shot in the game. When used correctly, the power shot can easily beat the very best of the keepers.

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