How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC

How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC
How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC
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PUBG Mobile Lite is the toned-down version of PUBG Mobile, but is just as popular as the latter. The game has attracted a large number of players, who are also eager to play it on their PC. Below are the steps players can follow to play PUBG Mobile Lite on their PC.

How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC

Players can play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC via emulators. There are various emulators that the players can use to play PUBG Mobile Lite. However, many players prefer the GameLoop one, which is a rebranded version of Tencent Gaming Buddy, courtesy of its features.

What is Gameloop?

Tencent Gaming Buddy has been rebranded as Gameloop. It is the best emulator to play games developed by Tencent Games on. Players can easily play the various mobiles games developed by Tencent on this emulator, without any issues.

Here are the steps to download and play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC:

Step 1: Download and install the emulator from the official GameLoop website.

Step 2: The game is not directly available to download on GameLoop so the player will have to download the apk from the official PUBG Mobile Lite website.

Click on the Add an app option
Click on the Add an app option

Step 3: After the apk file is installed, click on the ‘My Games’ option and click on the ‘Add an App’ option.

Step 4: Select the file location and let the game install.

After the installation is complete, the players will be able to play the game.

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It is essential to note that the use of an emulator is not allowed in official tournaments and competitions. PUBG Mobile has made it quite clear that the players using emulators will face other emulator players only. Even if a single player in the squad uses the emulator, the team will be facing other emulator players only.

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