How to raise your KDR in Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

KDR in Black Ops Cold War can be a tough thing to manage right, and many players look at it as their progress stat in the game. Raising a KDR, or Kill Death Ratio, is the goal for many when a new Call of Duty comes out.

The first thing to note is that raising a KDR is not necessarily the same as becoming a better player. In an extreme case, a player who gets 85 kills and 43 deaths will have a lower KDR than a player with 4 kills and 1 death. However, there is a middle area where KDR goes hand in hand with improving as a player, and that should be where many want to get.

Raising KDR in Black Ops Cold War

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

Camping is the easiest way to raise a KDR. Anyone who has a decent shot can camp and at least get a couple kills for every death that they get in Black Ops Cold War. If the camper moves from spot to spot slowly, then adding even more kills to that is fairly easy. But again, that doesn't equate to being a better player and isn't the best way to improve.

Black Ops Cold War is a bit faster and more aggressive than Modern Warfare was, which is a step towards a more classic Call of Duty. That speed in fights can be daunting and hard to fight against for players who aren't used to it. But if winning more fights is the goal, players should practice a few moves in order to continue raising KDR.

Jump-shotting is probably the most effective move in Black Ops Cold War. Jumping around a corner, or turning on a player and jumping as the gun aims in and shoots is incredibly effective. Sliding far more between cover or past lines of sight will also save players from death nearly every game.

Drop-shotting is the last kind of shot to use to gain an advantage in a fight. Though it can be very effective, the right attachments are needed to be able to ADS while dropping to the ground. There are usually two handle attachments for weapons that allow aiming while going prone.

Weapons in Black Ops Cold War will also greatly increase how a general player performs in a game. Using an AK-47 is going to be far more effective than using the M60. As a rule, sticking to assault rifles and submachine guns is the best way to raise a KDR. In some cases, even just assault rifles would be the right call.

A final way to guarantee a raise in KDR is to use the right perks in Black Ops Cold War. Ghost, Ninja, and Cold Blooded are all great ways to stay less visible in a game. Ghost makes players invisible to radar, which will save countless lives.

Ninja makes footsteps more quiet and Cold Blooded makes players invisible to scorestreaks. Many would argue Ninja is better than Cold Blooded, but having Cold Blooded will save easily up to 10 deaths a game due to how scorestreaks work.

Players in Black Ops Cold War just need to take it slower in between objectives, and speed the pace up when fights begin. It takes a bit of practice, but a better KDR will come out of sticking to some of these tips. Skill Based Matchmaking is also a feature in Black Ops Cold War, so that can bring KDR down a bit, but reaching the vaunted 2.0 is still very possible.

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